What happened to

Private Messages? I am looking for the ones I had with various people and can’t find them. How do I? Are they gone forever?

Oh, I hope not! Mine are gone, too… that’s kind of sad. There were some good times on those PM’s. :upside_down_face::cry:

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Oh golly, mine as well! Perhaps there was a problem going on. I’m sure we’ll be updated once all is sorted.

You can send and receive messages but can’t see them anywhere. Weird! [name_f]Hope[/name_f] it’s a glitch

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Nothing deliberate that I’m aware of! I will look into it urgently.

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Is everyone not seeing the envelope icon when you click your avatar?

If not, please let me know (or ideally screenshot) what is there instead.

I can also still access all my messages through Activity > Messages. Is this working for anyone? If not, what do you see?

Thanks for your help!


@katinka this is what mine looks like - hopefully this helps!

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OK, I have toggled some settings. [name_m]Can[/name_m] anyone see a difference now? @rachelheth @ethelmary @snowmaiden @shells15 @clair.de.lune

Still looks like this for me:

No differences for me

Oh dear. Okay, let me take another look. I really appreciate you testing this for me.

… And now?

They are back! Thank you!


Yay! Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile:

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I see my email section! Thank you!


Thank you, @katinka. Sorry I wasn’t able to help you test… just hopped on for the first time this morning. I appreciate the quick problem solving.


No problem, thanks again for flagging!

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