What hat should my character wear?

I’m making my character and I can’t decide what hat should my character wear, I need your help to vote on what hat should my character wear.

Here’s the description of the character:
The character is a young boy with light brown hair, fair skin and . He is tall and slender. He wears a Three Quarter Shirt with blue jeans.

Alexander is a young boy who is smart, nice, mature, sensible,responsible, charismatic and witty. He likes to play with his guitar and likes to write songs he wants to be a singer, he likes to ride his bicycle around his neighborhood in his spare time. He is also a good leader who knows what to do in a group and has five friends whom they consider the leader of the group.
He is also a athlete who likes to play sports like baseball and soccer which coincidentally are his favorite sports and he is a part of his school’s baseball team.

  • Baseball cap
  • Beanie

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Alexander emits baseball cap energy to me, especially as the leader of his group and being more do-goody. A backwards cap can do wonders to a person’s personality. He sounds really cool!

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I mean a bicycle helmet seems fitting :grin:

but other than that I voted baseball cap. Practical and sporty and cool, seems to fit his vibe :wink: [name_u]Love[/name_u] them

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true :grin: when I wear my baseball caps backwards I have a whole different vibe!


I think a funky baseball cap would be great!


I’d say a “vibe beanie” for writing music & playing guitar, baseball cap for everything else!