What helped me out was..........

While looking for names, I needed to picture a baby with that name, so I would go to Google images, and type in “[name]Baby[/name] so and so” like, “[name]Baby[/name] [name]Julia[/name]” or “[name]Baby[/name] [name]Piper[/name]” and then I’d see pictures of babies with that name, and it really helped me out for some weird reason! It even helped my husband to go along with some of the crazier names that he didn’t like at first!

Oh, what a neat idea!

That is very cool, A friend suggested that to me on my blog and I bought my husband round to [name]Pandora[/name] :slight_smile:


Did you guys go with [name]Pandora[/name]? Cause one of the names we like has been Endora!!! My husband actually loves it!