What is the most unusual name you have ever heard on a boy?

I babysit for my friend and her son’s name is

Mox [name]Legend[/name]

which is definitely the most unusual name I’ve heard on a boy.

I know a little boy named [name]Rebel[/name], and I have also known a [name]Race[/name] (full name).

My mom is a teacher, and has boy students named ChaChi, [name]Jermajesty[/name] and Izaah.

Working in a library I’ve met: Anakin, [name]Ocean[/name], [name]Jermajesty[/name], [name]Indigo[/name], and [name]Phoenix[/name].

a boy named java and a boy names [name]Matisse[/name].

I knew I boy called [name]Caitlin[/name]. No joke, his name was [name]Caitlin[/name]. He also had a sister [name]Morgan[/name]. I think his mother got her genders mixed up there.

I have a male friend named [name]Wren[/name]. I actually never thought it was strange at all until I started looking into baby names for DD and found out I was pretty much the only one who thought it was a boy name!


Dyke. Not joking. I made him show me his driver’s license to prove it.

I knew two brothers in college; [name]Brooke[/name] and [name]Carie[/name]. Probably not the most strange, but on paper I would initially think they were two sisters.

[name]Stacey[/name] and [name]Courtney[/name]. yes as boys. I have also met a [name]Racer[/name]. Girls i seem to find more crazy names. I.E.; twins i used to babysit for [name]Apple[/name] and Grape. One of my old friends named her daughter Mouse. and my friend just recently had a baby and named her [name]Kendall[/name] [name]Cotton[/name]. Oh and i new a [name]Casper[/name].

Alpacino. Like the actor’s name, but all one word. My friend is a social work for a public school system, and one of her students was named Alpacino. His mom just really liked how it sounded.

My husband knows someone from work whose son is named [name]Brier[/name].

My youngest cousin is named [name]October[/name] … I actually quite like it, in a very eccentric sort of way.

I actually have known several boys/men with unusual names, but they are foreign names, so may not be unusual where they come from - where their parents brought the names from their culture, rather than seeking this out from their family tree, so it may not be the right answer to your question. However: Dariush, prn Dahr-yoosh.

I had brief contact with Dariush, baby-sitting him 2-3 times, referred by another couple whom I babysat for, whose children were in the daycare where I worked during the day. My best guess is his father was from somewhere in the middle east if I think really hard what the last name was. All he ever wanted to play was pirate ship.

If I am remembering correctly, mox means soon in Latin … so he is soon to be a legend, perhaps!

When I was 10, a 5 year old boy started at my primary school called [name]Zeus[/name].

His full name was [name]Zeus[/name] [name]Ashley[/name] [surname] (bear in mind that [name]Ashley[/name] is largely regarded as male here in the UK).

I heard of a boy named Shelter…
Very hippie-esque wannabe virtue name, but not too far out there actually…
I’ve never heard it again, though XD

My best friends children are [name]Hussein[/name], [name]Sharif[/name] and Jentina (pronounced Yentina).

keep in mind that a lot of these posts are lies

My friend’s sister has a baby boy named [name]Mason[/name] [name]Dixon[/name]… Sure, [name]Mason[/name] isn’t that unusual, but why add [name]Dixon[/name] to the end? I guess this one shouldn’t count.

I have a teacher named [name]Terren[/name], pronounced like the girl’s name [name]Taryn[/name]. In fact, there are a few teachers at my school who have strange names…

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot one name! My friend has neighbors with a kid named [name]Jake[/name]. She asked if his full name was [name]Jacob[/name], and they said, “No, his name is [name]Jakeson[/name].”
[name]Jakeson[/name]?! Really? Hahah