What is your opinion?

What is your opinion of the name [name_m]Cove[/name_m] for a little boy? Or do you prefer the name [name_u]Jay[/name_u]? I can’t choose but I am leaning towards the name, [name_m]Cove[/name_m]. I just think people would judge me if I chose that name. I’m not pregnant with a boy but this is just for future reference.

I think you’ll get comments on any word-name you choose for a child and need to be prepared for that and OK with it. Of those two names, I prefer [name_m]Cove[/name_m]!

This may be immature but it reminds me of the Candle [name_m]Cove[/name_m] creepypasta, which is creepy. Looking past that, it’s a beautiful name with a nice meaning. And it’s miles better than [name_u]Jay[/name_u].

It’s interesting. Nothing I’d chose for my own child but I can see the appeal in it. And I wouldn’t find it strange to meet a young boy with the name.

It’s not something I’d pick, but I see why you’d like it. I prefer [name_m]Cove[/name_m] to [name_u]Jay[/name_u] which doesn’t feel very naturey despite being a bird.

[name_m]Cove[/name_m] has special meaning to my family. I have it on my middle name list. I think it has a similar feel and sound to many names and could work as a first name. I personally would only be able to use it as a middle name. Although I would be excited to meet a [name_m]Cove[/name_m].

I feel neutral about [name_u]Jay[/name_u]. Maybe you would like [name_m]Jason[/name_m] [name_m]Cove[/name_m] “[name_m]Cove[/name_m]” or “[name_u]Jay[/name_u]”?

I actually think we’ll see a lot more of [name_m]Cove[/name_m] as a name in the next decade or so. I’ve already seen Instagram families choose it (I saw twins names [name_m]Cove[/name_m] and [name_f]Meadow[/name_f] =swoon!).

No doubt you’ll a few comments in the beginning, but once people know his name, they won’t even think about-I think it’s cool!

I’ve known a lot of Jays and from personal experience I prefer [name_m]Cove[/name_m] :slight_smile: it’s definitely fresh and, for me, makes me think about my dream home on a northeastern coast somewhere, languishing in the seabreeze…

I don’t mind [name_m]Cove[/name_m]. It’s not my personal style, but it seems to fit in with other nature names that are popular right now

[name_m]Cove[/name_m] would be on my list if I didn’t personally have trouble pronouncing it. I appreciate its subtlety while still being unique and interesting.

[name_u]Jay[/name_u] is nice enough but comparatively meh for me. I’ve heard enough Jaydens and Jacobs get abbreviated to it. Not that popularity should necessarily matter, but it just makes it seem less special.

We like [name_m]Cove[/name_m] and have it on our list as a middle name. I think it has beautiful, peaceful imagery. The only thing that I could see as a downside (especially when using it as a middle name) is that sometimes, combos sound too much like place names.

[name_m]Cove[/name_m] is actually a name that I’ve really been drawn to as well. I think it’s got a cool/ easy going vibe to it.

If you want to use it, go for it!