What message boards should we add?

It’s time to add some new message boards, especially in the most active baby-naming area. Girls’ names and boys’ names are two obvious additions – can anyone suggest any more that might be good?

When you mentioned the idea for separate boards for girl and boy names, I thought maybe a “unisex names” board would be a good addition as well (for discussing unisex and cross-gender names and the issues with using such names).

Very interesting idea! Thanks.

Names for multiples would need to be added too. I was just thinking about suggesting this the other day…

I don’t mind seperate boy & girl/multiple boards but really just want to see “wanna talk about names, come here” sort of thing. I have a thousand names on my lists that I’d love to run past folks to see what they think but feel funny doing so in the “What Names are you considering for your baby” category since the baby to be is now gone. Still hope for another but not an immediate thing anymore.

Oh that’s a wonderful idea [name]Lola[/name]! After I have my baby I will still want to discuss names with all these lovely ladies!

Is there a way that we could have a members page where it would display their children’s names, current favorite names, etc.? I sometimes forget the names of their kids and having some sort of page like that would be much easier than going through post after post trying to find them. :slight_smile:

Definitely member pages are on the agenda and I hope will be something we can launch sooner rather than later. And I love the idea of a general Talk About Names board. Maybe we should switch over that Are You Keeping Your Name [name]Secret[/name] board? Too narrow a topic but I love that picture of one baby whispering in another one’s ear!