What names do you just hate?

I have no idea why I don’t like these, but this is my list:

[name]Courtney[/name]- [name]Kourtney[/name] is even worse
[name]Heather[/name]- Least favorite
[name]Jayden[/name]/[name]Jaden[/name]/ [name]Jaiden[/name]

[name]Michael[/name]- NO idea why: It’s a nice name

I hate some of those names that sound too light and flimsy, you know what I mean? The main ones are [name]Alyssa[/name], [name]Amy[/name], [name]Maya[/name], [name]Emma[/name], [name]Ava[/name], and [name]Ella[/name]…yuck. Too trendy as well.

[name]Madison[/name] - just SO sick and tired of it
[name]Brianna[/name], [name]Adriana[/name], [name]Diana[/name], Gloriana, [name]Arianna[/name], [name]Viviana[/name], [name]Tatiana[/name], [name]Gianna[/name] - I just hate the -ianna ending so much because there are so many names that use that ending!!
[name]Zoe[/name] - Sounds like it’s trying too hard to be clever with that z, but it just reminds me of a clown.
[name]Angel[/name], [name]Maria[/name], [name]Cora[/name], [name]Kayla[/name] (and [name]Layla[/name], etc.) - Yuck.
[name]Fatima[/name] - The “fat” part throws me off on this one.
[name]Isabel[/name] - Bugs me! I think it seems incomplete without the -la added to it.
[name]Bailey[/name], [name]Kailey[/name], [name]Hailey[/name], etc. - All sound the same! And the spelling troubles…don’t get me started!
[name]Danielle[/name], [name]Janelle[/name], [name]Stephanie[/name], [name]Josephine[/name], [name]Bianca[/name] - I’ve always hated these. I don’t know exactly why, but they just sound cheap to me.

[name]Tristan[/name] - bugs me. Sounds girly to me - most likely because it rhymes with [name]Kristen[/name].
[name]Anthony[/name] - I don’t know why, but I’ve always hated it.
[name]Brayden[/name], [name]Jayden[/name], [name]Ayden[/name], [name]Cayden[/name], etc. - ALL SOUND THE SAME!

There are probably more :lol:

And anything the begins with ‘Mc’ or ‘[name]Mac[/name]’ drives me crazy! The only exception is [name]Mackenzie[/name]. And only spelled this way. :lol: And it also bugs me when parents put apostrophes in their kids’ names!

Hate is a strong word. There’s no name (okay, unless we get ridiculous) that automatically leaves a bad taste in my mouth if I meet someone who has it. There are certainly a lot of names that I would say “no [name]WAY[/name]” to if hubby were to bring them up in the naming process, but my judgment stops there, really.

Anyway, I guess my response is sort of the same as in this “Names that make you cringe” thread:

[name]Evangeline[/name] is still the only big one I can think of that I dislike for purely aural and associative reasons. It’s popular around here, but it has so many sounds that just rub me the wrong way, along with sound-alike words like “televangelist” to associate it with.

I can’t think of a single name that ends in “line” or “leen” that I like.

There are a lot of names I dislike because of the people I’ve known that had them. [name]Eleanore[/name], [name]Ryan[/name], [name]Cathryn[/name] (this spelling specifically) and [name]Cathy[/name], [name]Lauren[/name] and [name]Heather[/name].

And a few that were just so overdone in my generation and area that they’ve become groan-worthy for me… like [name]Jessica[/name], [name]Emily[/name], [name]Jennifer[/name], [name]Brittany[/name], [name]Melissa[/name], [name]Zack[/name] and [name]Jordan[/name].

I won’t say “hate,” because every time I dislike a name I end up meeting a little toddler with the name and it suddenly becomes adorable!

There are names I don’t like though. I’m tired of the -aden and [name]Maddie[/name] trend, but I think that’s a universal dislike around here. I cringe at youneek spellings. Obviously bad associations make me dislike certain names, but that has nothing to do with the names so I won’t mention them.

Names that I personally make me cringe, but are loved (and for good reason!) by many people. [name]Beatrice[/name] makes me think of Beetlejuice. [name]Grace[/name] makes me think of grease. These are my own issues though, as the names are perfectly lovely to most everyone.

[name]Chester[/name]. I hate [name]Chester[/name] because I strongly associate the name with molester. ‘[name]Chester[/name] Molester’ is the term my family uses for pedophiles.

I agree, hate is a bit much. I dont care for [name]Evangeline[/name] either. I thought I was the only one, given the popularity of the name here. It sounds akward and wordy to me as well. All I hear is evangelist, and the “vang” part stick out to me and sound rather unnatractive.

Others I dont care for:
[name]Tallulah[/name]- just seems like a bit much, but I suppose the right person could pull it off.
[name]Clementine[/name]- again, too much for me but for the right person it could be really cute.

  • ayden anything
    [name]Madison[/name]- I dont mind [name]Addison[/name].
    [name]Hope[/name] and [name]Faith[/name] also [name]Grace[/name] is okay

[name]Emily[/name] - although I like [name]Emma[/name] & [name]Emmeline[/name]
[name]Destiny[/name], [name]Trinity[/name], [name]Charity[/name], [name]Chastity[/name] - although there are virtue names I do like

I don’t like anything that’s spelt weirdly like D’li-laa (although I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Delilah[/name]!), Eph’henee or Emylea instead of [name]Emily[/name].
Also a lot pf place names…[name]Dakota[/name], [name]Montana[/name], [name]Bronx[/name], [name]Paris[/name] (eek!)
Then there’s [name]Madison[/name], [name]Caitlyn[/name] and [name]Jayden[/name]/[name]Cayden[/name]/[name]Brayden[/name] (but I quite like the original [name]Aiden[/name]). No offense to anyone who loves them - it’s just personal taste :).

I can’t stand [name]Amanda[/name] and [name]Samantha[/name]. I have no idea why, but they just make me cringe. I think it’s the “man” syllable.

I used to like the name [name]Celeste[/name], but this was ruined for me by an incestuous father and daughter who were in the news here in Australia a couple of years ago. They chose to start a family even though there were legally ordered not to, and then called their daughter [name]Celeste[/name]. Rhyming with incest. Then purposefully splashed her name and face all over the news, so now everyone will always know who she is, the poor girl.

Some names that just aren’t at all attractive to me: [name]Barbara[/name], [name]Matthew[/name], [name]Tristan[/name], [name]Dustin[/name] (bad association here as well), [name]Brandon[/name], [name]Bree[/name], [name]Shane[/name], [name]Wayne[/name], [name]Shaun[/name], [name]Bryn[/name], [name]Lyric[/name], [name]Janet[/name], [name]Madison[/name], [name]Hayley[/name], [name]Heather[/name], [name]Jeffrey[/name], [name]Bradley[/name]. I think I just discovered that I really, really, dislike the “Br” beginning in names!

I can’t stand [name]Clementine[/name] which is becoming more and more popular. To me, it is the female equivalent of [name]Jethro[/name]. Yuk.

Also don’t like [name]Beatrix[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name], [name]Dorothy[/name], [name]Abigail[/name], or [name]Josephine[/name] for girls - every time I hear one of these names I think of a crabby old lady with 10 cats and a bad attitude.

For boys I don’t like any of the names that are popular now - [name]Aiden[/name], [name]Jaden[/name], [name]Kaden[/name], [name]Kalen[/name], [name]Hayden[/name], [name]Braden[/name], - you know the ones. I think we are all burnt out on them.

Oh, and I hate cutesy, “uber-cool” names like [name]Savannah[/name] [name]Rain[/name], [name]Raven[/name] [name]Ebony[/name] (yep, there’s a little girl named that in my home town), [name]Autumn[/name] [name]Rose[/name], [name]April[/name] [name]Dawn[/name], etc.

I can’t stand the name [name]Beatrix[/name]. All I can think of is the [name]Trix[/name] cereal when I hear it. And the nickname [name]Trixie[/name] has to be one of my absolute least favorite nickname in the entire world. [name]Bea[/name] is cute though and I don’t mind [name]Beatrice[/name] :slight_smile:

I also never saw the appeal of the name [name]Arabella[/name]. It sounds too made up- like a character in a children’s novel about a princess in a tower or something. I don’t know how to put my finger on it but this name has always rubbed me the wrong way!

[name]Amelia[/name]- while I can see the appeal of the name, I have a horrible association with it and could never use it.