What names have we missed?

Encountered any names that are not in nameberry? Names from your own culture we haven’t discovered here? Let us know! We’d love to add them to our database.

Ummm, is Romantic really supposed to be a name? It didn’t have any lists that it was on and it just said it was a form of [name]Romana[/name]. Same with Militaristic being a form of [name]Ogun[/name]. If they really are names, I’m sorry and didn’t mean to offend anyone!

Yikes!!! No, sometimes the commentary strayed into the Variations, which then created a name. We will fix – Romantic is not a name. Thanks for pointing it out!

I found another case in which the commentary strayed out into the variations: In the entry for “[name]Reese[/name]” on the boy’s side, it says “On the rise for girls, thanks to the high-profile Ms.” and “Witherspoon” (which appears that it should be the last word in the comment) ends up being listed as a “variant”.

What about Cosmic being a form of [name]Zorion[/name]?

Ha! Yes, you’re all right. Sometimes these are really comical. And the only way to find them is by trial and error. So thank you and keep them coming!!!


[name]Acantha[/name] :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’d hate to think a baby was named Phar-Phetched because of us…

[name]Chiyo[/name]! one of my favorite Japanese names.

[name]Meike[/name] (MY-keh), a name that was very popular in Germany in the 80s. Also spelled Maike.




oh and thanks for adding [name]Acantha[/name], one of my favorites.

Thanks! I’m going to hunt these down but would be grateful for any information you can add…

oh sorry I should have thought of that:

[name]Chiyo[/name] - this was used in the book “The Geisha” by [name]Arthur[/name] [name]Golden[/name]. It means “a thousand generations”. [name]Chiyo[/name] is the main character, the girl who becomes a geisha. When she actually becomes a geisha, her name is changed to Sayuri.

[name]Meike[/name] / Maike - both pronounced MY-keh , quite popula in the 80s in Germany. [name]German[/name] diminutive of [name]Maria[/name]. I think it’s also being used in the Netherlands.

[name]Mareike[/name] is also a diminutive of [name]Maria[/name] (Frisian, [name]German[/name]). mah-[name]RYE[/name]-keh.

[name]Chihiro[/name] - Used in “Spirited Away”. I only know that the [name]Chi[/name] part means “thousand” as does the [name]Chi[/name] in [name]Chiyo[/name]. Of course it depends on which kanji you use to spell the name. it might also mean different things depending on which characters you use.

[name]Elske[/name] is the Frisian/[name]German[/name] short form of [name]Elizabeth[/name]

Thank you! I think I’ve added them all now.

I just wanted to add the meaning to an already-listed name: [name]Zarouhi[/name] is an Armenian version of [name]Sarah[/name]. I know this because it was my great-grandmother’s name, and it’s my middle name. My weird family romanized it as Zarouhe, but I think the “i” ending is more common.

Thank you!

From my own list:

Agathangelos -M- Ancient Greek - “Good [name]Angel[/name]”
Amaterasu - F - Japanese Mythology - “shining over heaven”
Asherah - F-
Katriel - f - apparently means “Crown of God” but I don’t know how accurate that is. I know “Of God” is right, but I can’t find what [name]Kat[/name] means, if anything.
Nox - f - roman form of [name]Nyx[/name]
Thi - f - pronounced “tee”, means poem in Vietnamese

Some information on Esm” would be nice-- it’s not all female, it’s technically unisex, but Esm”e is all female. “[name]Beloved[/name]” or “Esteemed”.

ETA: Ai - F - has a both a Chinese and Japanese meaning

ETA2: [name]Parisa[/name] and [name]Pari[/name]. - F- [name]Both[/name] are Iranian-- [name]Parisa[/name] means “like a fairy” and [name]Pari[/name] is just “fairy”

Samille (middle name of [name]Monica[/name] Lewinsky and first or middle name of [name]Dyan[/name] [name]Cannon[/name] - but I’ve never seen it in any baby name book)

Lisetina (I saw this name in a mini baby name book in a grocery store checkout line when I was about 15 years old, which was 20 years ago. It was listed as an Italian version of [name]Elizabeth[/name]. Again, have never seen it in any baby name book since.)

This isn’t a name you have missed, but it would be nice if you had a list of “If you like [name]Olivia[/name], you might love…” Here are some suggestions and why:

  • [name]Olympia[/name] (The O sound)
  • [name]Sorrel[/name] (Evocative of nature)
  • [name]Ophelia[/name] (Classic name, O sound)
  • Juilet (Classic name, comes from Latin also. [name]Julia[/name] is rather popular)
  • [name]Willow[/name] (Again, evocative of nature.)

Great idea! And thanks everyone for the name additions. Pretty soon, nameberryites are going to be able to create their OWN lists and, if they wish, share them with everyone. I can’t wait to see yours!

Z”lie (: