What should be my character’s gender is?

I’ve thought of this character as my new character Penelope’s best friend and companion who is a brown bear and I can’t decide what should be the gender for this character, I need you to vote on what character’s gender and you can also think of a name as well based on the description and personality.

Description: The character is a tall bulky brown bear, tan muzzle, brief hair, enormously large tan belly, palms and soles, big dark brown nose, white claws and toenails, and a brief tail.

It’s a brown bear who is Penelope’s best friend and companion who knows her since she was a baby. It usually takes on as the voice of reason, older sibling and protector to the girl. It’s personality is smart, wise, mature, witty, down to earth, nice, polite, loyal, serious, no- nonsense, confident, determined, levelheaded, honest, responsible, helpful, protective, rational, philosophical, and very intelligent who can also be cynical and grouchy sometimes.it likes to read books, play and hang out with Penelope,listening to music, and watching tv.

  • Male
  • Female

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cool character!

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I voted male! It may help to think of how many girls vs boy characters you have in your story already.

@MG1257 same. I also voted male.
@JC1999 is it a actual animal or a toy? Sorry if thats a weird question.

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It’s stuffed animal that comes to life.

Oh cool