What should be their names?

What should be their names based on the picture and come up with the character description of who they are. Also give them an age and background.

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From left to right:

Name: Colby/Knox
Colby/Knox, is lonely because he is an only child. He takes every moment to spend time with his friends to make up for it, and is loving and excitable around them. He has an interesting sort of humour, and has a curious, longing mind. He’s known for his random, talkative outbursts; he can’t seem to hold his wagging tongue very long. Sometimes others get annoyed at him because he won’t give them a chance to say a sentence without him butting in. Besides his over-talkative nature, he is also very arrogant at times, and always likes to think that he is right. He is (almost) always thinking of his friends first and foremost.

Name: Gwen/Lucy
Gwen/Lucy is the posh [name_f]Queen[/name_f]! It’s amazing that her best friends are boys, because she is as fashion-nuts as they come. She’s confident, loves to be the star of attention, and has an addiction to dying her hair in bright splashes of colour. Her Mother was a model, and Gwen/Lucy, feels like it’s her calling to be one too! She fusses over the smallest thing, and loves talking almost as much as Colby/Knox. She has eyes for him too!

Name: Biff/Chase
Biff/Chase is the sweetheart of the group. He is the glue that keeps them together, but unfortunately the others don’t realize it. He is very intelligent, but always too shy to voice his thoughts and ideas, and because of that, he is mostly forgotten. He adores Gwen/Lucy, and blushes (He blushes incredibly easily!) every time she talks to him. He comes from an amazing family, with a super caring big sister, and a Mum who can cook like anything!

Name: Marcos/Jasper
Age: 13
Marcos/Jasper is the eldest. He rarely smiles, and is probably the most negative person on earth. He groans and complains about everything. He can find millions of negative things to destroy a perfectly good day, but deep inside he has a warm, loyal heart. He is actually very emotional though he definitely doesn’t show it. He’s sentimental, and keeps a diary, where he is usually seen scribbling in it at all hours of the day since he carries it with him everywhere. He lives with his Grandmother, as his parents died when he was young.

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