What should i name my baby to be boy?

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Respondents: 14 (This poll is closed)

  • Kolton: 1 (7%)
  • Coal: 1 (7%)
  • Jordan: 2 (14%)
  • Ford: 1 (7%)
  • Parker: 6 (43%)
  • Skylar: 2 (14%)
  • Shayne: 1 (7%)

Hmmm…[name]Parker[/name] is my favorite. You have an interesting mix there! [name]Parker[/name] [name]Jordan[/name] maybe?

I didn’t vote but my first choice would be [name]Cole[/name] by far (but only spelled this way; coal is what ends up in your stocking if you misbehave :slight_smile: )

[name]Kolton[/name] would be nicer spelled [name]Colton[/name] (with [name]Cole[/name] as a nn), but I prefer just plan [name]Cole[/name] - it sounds classier and more distinguished.

I don’t particularly like surnames, so I dislike [name]Parker[/name] and [name]Ford[/name]. I think they are very of the moment and will feel very dated in the future. [name]Ford[/name] is also a car brand, and I don’t think it sounds very dignified to name a child after a brand.

[name]Jordan[/name] has a nice enough sound, but is very 90’s.

[name]Skylar[/name] and [name]Shayne[/name] both sound more like girls’ names.

Some other suggestions:

my spellings are easily changeable. and i was thinking of [name]Colton[/name] nn. [name]Cole[/name], too.

I like [name]Parker[/name] but [name]Ford[/name] stands out more to me and fits well with your other kids