What Should My Character’s Name?

I will like for you to vote on what name would be a fit to my character?

Description: The character is a twelve year old girl, she has dark brown long, curly hair with a headband to her waist and very light amber skin with freckles, she is of average height and is slender. She wears a shirt and blue overalls with sneakers.

She is a twelve year old girl who likes to draw and paint pictures. She lives in the suburbs in Michigan with her mother and father with a couple of siblings and a pet dog whom she considers her best companion. She is nice, kind, sweet, friendly, smart, humorous, down to earth, mature, optimistic, artistic, creative, loyal, quirky, considerate, confident, imaginative, polite, active, compassionate, and bright though she can be gullible and naive at times when someone trying to trick her. She’s not only good at painting and drawing she even likes to make and build things like art and crafts, make inventions, and she even helps her friends design some of their projects. She have a treehouse/workshop where she likes to spend the most of her time doing her projects, hang out and relax, and where she thinking about her thoughts.

  • Emma
  • Miranda
  • Margot
  • Emily

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