What to do with mn Lourdes????

If we have a girl, I’d really like to use my mom’s name ([name]Lourdes[/name]) as her middle name. However, I know [name]Lourdes[/name] is not seen as the prettiest names amongst the majority. Any suggestions on a first name that would to beautify it? I personally love it b/c of what she means to me so your help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

I think it’s a lovely way to honor your mother, but I do agree that [name]Lourdes[/name] isn’t the prettiest name out there. Maybe these will freshen [name]Lourdes[/name] up:

[name]Caterina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Amelia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Phoebe[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Juliana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Genevieve[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Ophelia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Cordelia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Alison[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Mariana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Seraphina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Giselle[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Caroline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Sara[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Annika[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Mira[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Eliana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

I really like [name]Lourdes[/name]!

[name]Mia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Gisella[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Simona[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Cecilia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Sophia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Francesca[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Magdalena[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Elena[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Mariella[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

I know Madonnas daughters name is [name]Lourdes[/name], and she goes by the nn [name]Lola[/name], which is cute and “prettier”

I think that [name]Lourdes[/name] is really elegant, and I think it’s great that you’ll be honoring your mom. :slight_smile:

[name]Catherine[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Mariana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Paloma[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Susannah[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Serena[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Veronica[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

I really love the suggestions of [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name], [name]Francesca[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name], and [name]Seraphina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

A few more:
[name]Lilliana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Sonia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

[name]Jeanette[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Phillipa[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Hazel[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Patricia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Daisy[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Evangeline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Christa[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Daniella[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Maria[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Lola[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Valentina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Elizabeth[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Bettina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Tracey[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Elva[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Sophia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

I think [name]Lourdes[/name] is a gorgeous, elegant name!
[name]Andrea[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - [name]Andrea[/name] is a bit dated, but I love it.
[name]Angelica[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - oooo, pretty!
[name]Bianca[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - has a lot of soul.
[name]Carmen[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - This name has so much soul, I love it.
[name]Cosima[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - I think this would be a daring choice.
[name]Delphina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Esme[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - really pretty!
[name]Francesca[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Hermione[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Jacqueline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - I am wild about this combo.
[name]Jessamyn[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Josephine[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Katherine[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - love, but it is so popular.
[name]Lydia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - matchy, your last name would need to sound really different from [name]Lydia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]. With the right last name, this could be stunning.
[name]Mary[/name] [name]Rose[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - Her name could be [name]Mary[/name] [name]Rose[/name]. Beautiful.
[name]Millicent[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - I love these together so much.
[name]Olivia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - [name]Olivia[/name] is really popular. But it is gorgeous with [name]Lourdes[/name]. I love it.
[name]Paloma[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - love!
[name]Penelope[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - love!
[name]Philippa[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] nn [name]Pippa[/name]
[name]Ramona[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - this name is gorgeous.
[name]Rose[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - I think this is my fave on this list. It sounds so lovely, and I just adore the name [name]Rose[/name] as a first name.
[name]Sabrina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Saskia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Sophia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - [name]Sophia[/name] is super popular.
[name]Tereza[/name] (ter-AY-zah) [name]Lourdes[/name] nn [name]Tessa[/name] or [name]Tess[/name] - pretty
[name]Veronica[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - of course I love this because [name]Veronica[/name] is one of my very faves.
[name]Vivian[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Zenobia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

Thank you all for making me feel better about this name! These are beautiful suggestions!

I really [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name], but wish [name]Sophia[/name] wasn’t so extremely popular. Other stand outs to me are [name]Lydia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] and [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name].

A first name my husband and I really like is [name]Tatum[/name]. Would that work at all?

[name]Tatum[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

[name]Rollo[/name], love your ideas of [name]Valentina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] and [name]Bettina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]!

I’m not sure that I like [name]Tatum[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]. [name]Tatum[/name] feels unisex to me, and if you’re trying to “pretty up” [name]Lourdes[/name] I don’t think [name]Tatum[/name] pulls that off. I do, however, love [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]. Very pretty!

side note: Does [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] feel too “celebrity”? [name]Vivienne[/name] being a [name]Jolie[/name]-[name]Pitt[/name] child and [name]Lourdes[/name] being [name]Madonna[/name]'s daughter?

Wow great suggestions!

[name]Susan[/name] would [name]Andrea[/name] be an-dree -uh or an-dray-uh? I like the second pronunciation.
I think [name]Andrea[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] would be really pretty.

[name]Anja[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] or [name]Anya[/name]
[name]Avery[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Anastasia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Angeline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Angelina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Annemarie[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Audrey[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] or
[name]Audra[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Elana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] -[name]Elana[/name] pro eh-lah-na
[name]Lucia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Linnet[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Lynette[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Marla[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Marina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Nigella[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Rosemarie[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Reina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Stacy[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] - maybe too dated
[name]Tabitha[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Ysabel[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]

[name]Rollo[/name], love your ideas of [name]Valentina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] and [name]Bettina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]![/quote]

Thanks [name]Susan[/name], and you win tons of brownie points from me for [name]Jacqueline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name] and [name]Rose[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name], also love [name]Rosa[/name] [name]Caroline[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name].

That’s the problem with [name]Andrea[/name], I just love it but don’t know how to pronounce it. I’ve heard [name]ANN[/name]-dree-uh, ON-dray-uh, and even, are you ready? AAAAHHHHHN-dree-uh! You have to tense your throat, clench your stomach, and sound very snobby and pinchy while you practically shout the first syllable. My favorite of these pronunciations is ON-dray-uh, but I also love [name]ANN[/name]-dree-uh. With [name]Lourdes[/name], I would love ON-dray-uh [name]Lourdes[/name], absolutely.

ON-dray-uh is what I was hearing in my head but put is an-dray-uh. I love it as ON-dray-uh. [name]Andrea[/name] pro. the way we like was almost my sisters name. She would have been [name]Andrea[/name] [name]Renee[/name] but is [name]Kristina[/name] [name]Renee[/name] instead. My vote (I’ve got polls on the brain) is for [name]Andrea[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name].

I looked up [name]Andrea[/name] on “check out a name”. There are three pronunciations. [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] say that [name]Andrea[/name] is pronounced ahn-DRAY-uh, [name]ANN[/name]-dree-uh or ON-dree-uh. My faves are the first two. [name]Andrea[/name] is one of my top two or three faves, but the pronunciation is a problem. Now that I have known an ON-dree-uh, it is hard for me to say ahn-DRAY-uh. I think [name]ANN[/name]-dree-uh is my favorite pronunciation, but not with [name]Lourdes[/name]. [name]Andrea[/name] ([name]ANN[/name]-dree-uh) sounds incredible with my last name which is [name]Chesney[/name]. [name]Andrea[/name] [name]Chesney[/name], lovely.

[name]Lourdes[/name] is beautiful! (To me)

[name]Catarina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Victoria[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Wilhelmina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Mia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Susannah[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Greta[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Irina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Louisa[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
Rudolpha [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Adele[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Annabel[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Freya[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Nina[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Ivy[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Deirdre[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Eleanora[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Bella[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Margaret[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Tatiana[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Anwen[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]
[name]Amelia[/name] [name]Lourdes[/name]