What was the last text you received?

can you pic me up later?

“Yeah, fringe pseudoscience.”


“THIS IS SO CUTEJAJWAKA” (they sent an edit they seen on tiktok :sob:)

“Neh just want the gold in full :sunglasses:” From my brother…

“deeep,” over a picture I sent.

“the app is stupid”

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“the pink one?”
talking abt a dress

Handisi kuburitsa rurimi rwangu!

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Google form is newer but they might both have the same info
(from my mom, during staff training week at camp about my summer schedule)

“I think they’re all dead”
From my Mum after sending photos of my little siblings asleep in the car on the way home from their soccer game.


“See, Nan’s not always crazy”


“idk what im doing when i go this weekend but im oh so excited”

“…So you can still do that”

Because I’m sick but I still managed to point out a spelling mistake in one of my friends messages.

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“hes 6 tho” from my friend about her cousin

“I will be coming in the car today because the van has a nail in a tire. So no [name_m]Milty[/name_m] Wilty since not everyone can come.”

-My mom today, when I was still at camp

“Enjoy the day sweet girl, here is a nice day too, I am making 12 empanadas for lunch, and I did a flan for Tata’s birthday today. You are all beautiful children and we love you so much.”

From my Grandma just a few minutes ago. :green_heart:

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“Yes just until we have the funds to fly out and see you”

One of my close friends recently moved across the country to old NYC!

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