What would you do if your fave name got vetoed and...

then a friend or someone in your acquaintance used it? I’m trying to accept the fact that my husband doesn’t love my fave and choose a different name, but I had this horrible though… what if one of my friends then used the name?! (3 of them are pregnant now, all due after me). I’m worried I might be permanently ticked off with my husband for shooting it down if I have to hear about another baby with the name from here on out. What do you think, would i just get over it and love the new name as much?

I think if that happened maybe it wasn’t meant to be. The new name will probably suit your baby a whole lot better and you could end up loving it more.

Actually if I knew I’d never get to use it, I would be really happy if a friend used it. Particularly if it was a close friend, I would be glad to get to say the name in real life and love a little person with it. Yeah, I’d definitely be happy. Now, if it was my favorite name and it WASN’T vetoed and I was planning to use it for sure, then I’d be sad.

I would be soooo upset, actually. I would be disapointed, angry with my husband, and angry at the person who chose the name for their baby (even though they obviously have great taste in names!)I know you can’t own a name as such, but if I loved it and couldn’t use it because it was vetoed, I’d feel like I’d never got the chance, and feel a sense of loss :cry: . I think that is kind of part of being a name nerd! We grieve the names we love. My partner and I loved a certain name, but we knew 9 women who were pregnant, and two, one on either side of our families, used it, so it was a definite no go for me, and we are ages away from having kids. It took ages to reconcile myself to the fact that I would not be able to use it! But I think eventually you will get over if someone else uses it, just give yourself time!