What would you name my quirky daughter?

[name]Susan[/name], your daughter sounds so adorable – feet and all!! However, you can edit your post and delete that portion if you want. I’m sure we can all agree not to tell her!

[name]Just[/name] say the word, and I’ll delete this post.

[name]Don[/name]'t worry. Since I love Nameberry, she thinks it’s ridiculous. [name]Even[/name] though she loves names. I’m surprised that she loves ice cream since I love ice cream so much. But she doesn’t love the same flavor that I love. I really love my daughter though. She has so much personality. When she was little, I wondered what she would be like when she grew up. I thought, is she going to be running around like a crazy person? Well, I’m happy to say that she has calmed down!
I will tell you a very funny story about her. Once, when [name]Laura[/name] was around eight or so, we had a fire in the fireplace. I was in the guest room wrapping [name]Christmas[/name] presents because it was mid-[name]December[/name]. [name]Peter[/name] had a friend named [name]William[/name] over.
[name]Laura[/name] was walking through the living room when suddenly she was captivated by the fire in the fireplace. She noticed a decorative broom hanging beside the fireplace. She was fascinated by the idea of what the broom would look like if it were on fire.
She took the broom off of its hook and stuck it into the fire. The broom was very dry and erupted into flames. Then instead of leaving the broom in the fire, she got worried and decided to get the broom out of the fireplace. She held up the broom like a torch and started careening around the living room with it. Mind you, she came very close to the [name]Christmas[/name] tree.
[name]Peter[/name] and [name]William[/name] were in the den next to the living room. Suddenly
[name]William[/name] said, “[name]Peter[/name], I think you need to go see what your sister is doing!” [name]William[/name] had noticed a very bright and eerie orange glow on the walls and ceiling.
[name]Peter[/name] rushed into the living room just as [name]Laura[/name] was making a beeline for the kitchen. She plunged the blazing broom into the kitchen sink and turned the water on. I heard a bunch of yelling and got up to investigate. I saw a wet black broom and a bunch of ashes in the kitchen sink!
Hopefully, this story won’t discourage anyone from having children!

Wow! I see you have had some real adventures with [name]Laura[/name]!

*** [name]Reading[/name] your story, I was very relieved that no harm came to anyone or anything that day (except for the broom). That was a very close call!!!

My first thought, as I read, was to wonder if [name]Laura[/name] got the idea of a broom being on fire from the [name]Wizard[/name] of [name]Oz[/name]. Knowing all turned out okay, I started laughing at your description of her careening around the living room with her torch waving near the [name]Christmas[/name] tree as you were calmly wrapping presents in another room. My son asked why I was laughing, so I read the story to him. We couldn’t help but laugh at [name]William[/name] noticing an eery orange glow on the ceiling and walls! [name]Laura[/name] did the smart thing and finally got the broom into the sink. Whew!!

As far as scaring people off from having kids… today someone posted on Nameberry that they want to buy a house and get it all set up before they start a family. I restrained myself from responding to advise them not invest in any fancy furniture because by the time their oldest child starts school someday, things like the coffee table they purchased with the admirable shine will not look the same after its been used as a race track and toys have been pounded on it repeatedly.

To all new parents and parents to be… it’s ALL [name]WORTH[/name] IT!! Right, [name]Susan[/name]? It’s ALL worth it, right?? [name]Susan[/name]??

I’m so glad that [name]Laura[/name] had the presence of mind to put the broom in the sink! :slight_smile: (High-fives to [name]Laura[/name]!) :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s worth it, but now you know why I have gray hair. I have it dyed and streaked.
I will spare you the early 20’s and teenager stories.
Having kids is amazing. They keep me young. Because of them I know which movies to see, which books to read, and what new restaurants to try.
I am seldom bored.
[name]Holiday[/name] meals are lively and I am so proud of all my kids’ achievements. There is nothing like watching your daughter swim the breast stroke across the pool in a race and win! Or watching your son teach a history class at an amazing prep school on Grandparents’ [name]Day[/name] and then seeing really intelligent, lovely old grandmas and grandpas swarm him and heap praise upon him for what a great teacher he is! And the headmaster loves him and he got a raise! Yes! Okay, I am bragging. But it’s so great when your kid graduates from a great school, gets a great job, moves out, and has his own health insurance.
Yeah, it is all worth it, but I can’t wait until they’re twenty-four and thirty! Then they will be more mature. One day I’ll have some sweet little grandchildren, and the process will begin all over again.

I would name her [name]Angelina[/name] with [name]Annie[/name] as a nn

[name]Susan[/name], those are some truly proud moments and great memories! All good stuff for new parents to hear alongside torches waving in the living room and gum stuck on the seat of the car! So, to new parents out there: yes, it’s all worth it!