What's your dressing style?

What’s your dressing (hair, clothes, makeup, shoes) style?
I usually wear my hair in one of the hairstyles from CGH, because they’re really cute. If I’m lazy, I just wear my hair down or in a ponytail. I wear all sorts of t-shirts, blouses, and shirts usually in solid earthy colours, tartan, or stripes. I mostly wear ordinary jeans, but sometimes I do wear bootcut jeans (I just love them!). For special occasians, I always wear fancy dresses in crazy colours!! For shoes, I wear either neutral ballet flats or ankle boots. I use concelear, an eyelash curler, and a little tinted lipgloss ONLY for special occasions. That’s about it.

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I love this topic, clothes are literally all I talk about

If I’m at home, I’m always ib oversized graphic tees and shorts. (Most of my closet is simply southern, vinyard vines, palmetto moon, etc). If I’m going out of the house casual then I either wear graphic teeshirts, hoodies, or crop tops on chained jeans. [name_f]My[/name_f] makeup is always just mascara, blush and lip gloss. For special occasions, I’ll only wear dresses if they’re summery, thin material. I usually wear rompers, blouses and stuff like that. I am very much against dresses. And I’m almost always in vans, adidas or heels.


Simple and classic. Jumpers (=sweaters), button up shirts, trousers. I also have an awful amount of shirts and dresses with puff sleeves :grin: I love puff sleeves! I don’t like prints (images, texts, etc.) on my clothes, prefer everything plain. Often wear faux leather boots and shoes (not real leather!)

I never wear makeup.


[name_f]My[/name_f] style is kinda all over the place. I’m 17, so I wear a lot of highwaisted cuffed or frayed jeans, band tees/graphic tees, and cozy sweaters. But I also just bought a pair of bell bottoms and wear a lot of my moms old jewelry (which is pretty boho), and sometimes i wear fishnets and a lot of black. Pretty much the only shoes I wear are my Dr. Martins. [name_f]My[/name_f] makeup is usually pretty simple, eyebrow gel, mascara, and highlighter, but if i feel like it I add some burnt-sienna-ish eyeshadow.

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Sweat pants
T shirts
Pandemic ware


i dress like a gay uncle and i can’t deny it anymore :sob:
pretty much just button ups and jeans hahah. i love dark academia fashion too but there’s no way I can afford it. so, gay uncle it is!


I’m a trends girl I honestly follow the British fashion trends and am addicted to ASOS. Currently ‘mom jeans’ are in fashion and I have tons along with chunky trainers which of course I have loads. Of recent You’ll normally see me in jeans, chunky trainers and either black long sleeved t shirt, vintage oversized t-shirts, graphic t-shirts or blouses all of these I will wear tucked in to my jeans. When I’m going out I’m really into wearing leather look trousers with a pretty blouse tucked in and (depending on the weather) high heeled sandals or if the weather sucks high heeled boots. I prefer trousers/jeans to dresses/skirts. I also like the sports luxe look it’s just so easy to wear I love these black leather look joggers I have with trainers! In the summer (if it ever arrives) I love playsuits, jumpsuits and midi length dresses I have a couple of floral ones too which feel very classic & summery. I still love wearing trainers but if it gets really hot I have these flat white sandals that go with everything so I normally wear them. [name_u]Or[/name_u] if I’m not feeling the white these rattan sandals that aren’t as comfy. Accessories I absolutely love hoop earrings! I’m really into make up wear foundation, bronzer, blusher, eyeshadow & mascara I also get relatively long acrylic nails. So yep that’s my look really :blush::blush:


I don’t wear makeup, and I mostly wear my hair in cornrows. I am hoping on getting a hair restyle soon though.

As for clothes I mostly feel comfortable in fandom tees, tucked into one of the few trousers/jeans that fit me. Plus a flannel shirt and/or a jacket* depending on the weather. Recently I’ve been dipping into button ups, polos and waistcoats, mostly for work. At home I like wearing big t-shirts and shorts.

*I cycle through a band hoodie, a [name_f]Star[/name_f] Trek sports jacket, a denim with pins all over, and two faux leather jackets (a red/black one and a black one with a green lining that’s subtly [name_u]Loki[/name_u] inspired).

In terms of shoes I almost exclusively wear either a pair of dark blue Docs or pride Converse. I only really like combat boots, and Converse shoe-wise. And I’m too cheap to buy more than a couple of good quality shoes. I do kinda want some chunky platform boots because I always let being 6 ft hold me back, but now I don’t care.


I do my best to keep with a “soft feminine” aesthetic when I can or want to feel cute and frilly. I have and love to wear tons of dresses and skirts, and I enjoy some preppy styles as well (like blazers, tartan printed bottoms, etc) I own a ton of floral patterned everything too! I really like silhouettes with flouncy sleeves and flared skirts so I try to match that idea often. As for makeup, if I bother with it I either do just foundation and contour or I go all out with colourful eyeshadow and rosy cheeks! Lipstick is a sometimes thing, usually only wear it when I’m performing. I think that’s all! :relaxed:

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If you ever see me I probably be wearing some of these things:

Floral prints
Graphic T shirts
Casual dresses
Half the times I’m wearing jazz shoes for work, but other than that it’s cowboy boots, vans, flats or heels.
[name_f]Music[/name_f] T-shirts, if that makes sense? I’ve lost count of how many [name_f]Dolly[/name_f] [name_m]Parton[/name_m] or [name_m]Johnny[/name_m] [name_m]Cash[/name_m] shirts I’ve owned.

For makeup, I almost always wear it. Mascara, neutral eyeshadow, red or pink lipstick, most days I curl my hair.

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Partly related but thought I’d share - I’ve worn apparel with my college logo since I was accepted - 2,645 days in a row and counting!


I mainly wear jumpers and jeans or dresses in the summer. I wear a lot of blue, purple, red and darker pink colours. I also like floral and graphic prints.

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Covidware - shorts and T shirts, preceded by sweats and T shirts. It will change someday.

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Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers mostly. I’m a guy, so I don’t care much about my look lol

I’m kinda boring with my style my hair is always down and straightened I have my hair cut in a long bob (if that makes sense) and dyed blonde. I don’t wear jewellery regularly but do like gold jewellery more than silver unless it’s rings with rings I like silver. I wear make up I’m tired all the time so make up just makes me look less tired and more how I want the world to see me. I always wear foundation, brighter/shimmery eyeshadow, mascara and a little (tiny bit) of either bronzer or blusher depending on how little sleep I got the night before. Clothes wise you’ll normally find me in mom jeans (sometimes skinny) or leather look leggings with long sleeve tops either in black or sometimes bolder colours (today orange) or jumpers. Sometimes I’ll wear a blouse. I’ve been trying to embrace dresses and boots of recent wear something different but I do love jeans! In the summer it’s dresses or my favourite playsuits. Shoes 99.9% of the time it’s trainers people actually point it out when I wear boots like it’s a weird concept :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

In a nutshell boring! I think the most exciting thing is my eyeshadow :joy::joy:

Most days I wear a tshirt and sweatpants with my hair either in a ponytail, bun, side braid, or double braids (depends on how I’m feeling energy-wise and gender-wise. I’m getting my hair cut short soon, which I’m really excited about!).

I really want to collect more clothes that fit the Newsiecore aesthetic though. If y’all don’t know what Newsies is, GO LOOK IT UP YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!

Newsiecore basically consists of 3/4 length pants, flannels/plaid shirts, suspenders, vests, long stripey socks, and newsie caps. It was created by lots of people (including me) on tumblr, and I’m in love with it! Here’s the masterpost I made of all the pics people have posted of them in their newsie garb

[name_f]Carry[/name_f] the banner y’all :newspaper_roll:

It seems like the most people all over the world prefer wearing t shirts most the time. What about sneakers shoes?