When are YOU due???

I couldn’t find a good place to put this, so I figured here would be the best place.

I was wondering when everyone is due, and if you know what you are having yet? If you don’t know, are you going to find out, or leave it a surprise?.
And if you’d like, you could post the name (or list of names) you have picked out for your baby to be!

I am due [name]Jan[/name]. 17 with a girl, but I’ll be having the baby in the 2nd or 3rd week of [name]December[/name] due to medical issues (that’s 5-6 wks early), we’ll figure out a date when it gets closer. I guess I have to wait for my doctor’s schedule to come out! lol
And I have a list of about 10 names, but right now my favorite is [name]Cadence[/name] and [name]Seneca[/name], with [name]Taryn[/name] sneaking up on me!

[name]Hi[/name]! Great post idea. I think it’s always good to connect with other moms-to-be and to share experiences and hopes :slight_smile:

I’m due [name]November[/name] 11th (which is Remembrance [name]Day[/name] here in [name]Canada[/name], as well as elsewhere in the Commonwealth). It’s kind of symbolic for me, because my post-doctoral research is centered around memory and commemoration - although I’m aware there’s very little chance of the baby arriving on the actual due date!

We’re having a girl, and this is our first child, so everything seems new (which means exciting and overwhelming in equal measure). Plus, we just moved 4000km away from our families, so kind of jumping without a net!

As to names, we’re committed to an Irish name for the first (the other aspect of my work is Irish history, and we have a strong connection to Belfast, where I spent 7 years). Dh and I are still “discussing” our final options on that, but will probably take our top 5 to the hospital and let her decide! For a middle name, we’ve chosen [name]Verity[/name], which has a lot of significance to my DH. Our last name is hyphenated, which is the only thing stopping me from throwing in a few more middle names to include all the ones we love!

[name]Hope[/name] that gives you a picture of us :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] there. I’m due [name]March[/name] 17th with my first child. I hope to find out the baby’s gender next week!

I could totally relate to the original poster’s struggle to find the perfect, unique name that you love. I really only even like a few names, and can just tolerate a few others.

We kind of hope it’s a girl, mainly because DH’s family has 5 grandsons and only one granddaughter. We both [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Veronica[/name], still discussing the middle name (I’ve posted on this, but still nothing speaks to me as “the one” yet).

For a boy, I wanted [name]Troy[/name], but it’s my brother’s name, and DH doesn’t want to name our kid after family. I also like [name]Tyson[/name], he’s not in love with it. He has liked another boy name since high school that is very uncommon, so uncommon that he thought he made it up. The problem is, now I have a co-worker with THAT name, who is a actually a good friend, but DH doesn’t want everyone to think we named our boy after him…

Good luck to you new mommies!

Congrats to you two new mommies! It is such a wonderful experience! I absolutely love children. In my original post, I forgot to add that this child is mine and my husband’s 4th! We have [name]Justin[/name] (who passed away when he was 2mo,but he would be 10 now), [name]Jacob[/name], 6, and [name]Alanna[/name], 2. If it weren’t for medical complications, I would probably be ok with having many more, but this is going to be our last child.
I didn’t really have a hard time naming the boys, but the girl’s are really complicated. I think it’s because I wanted the most beautiful name there is. [name]Alanna[/name] was 3 days old when we finally named her! My husband wanted [name]Layla[/name] and I wanted [name]Alanna[/name]… I won. So I believe that [name]Alanna[/name] is the most beautiful name, and now that we have one more girl on the way, I am have a heck of a time getting a name that is so beautiful, and still not too common!
I wish all you mommies the best of luck with your future child, and in finding the “perfect” name!!!

[name]Veronica[/name] is one of my very favorite names! I love it with [name]Ruby[/name], but I probably already told you that! Also love [name]Veronica[/name] [name]Lucy[/name].


I am due [name]April[/name] 6th and this is our first child.

We will find out what we are having sometime in [name]November[/name].

Our favorite names are [name]Elyssa[/name] or [name]Juliette[/name] for a girl and [name]Everett[/name] for a boy.

I’m having my third c-section Nov. 17 if I make it until then! I have a 6 year old, [name]Jane[/name] [name]Audrey[/name], and a 4 year old, [name]Henry[/name] [name]Atlas[/name]. If this is a girl, she’ll be [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Margaret[/name], and if a boy, probably [name]Leo[/name] or [name]Charlie[/name], but there is much discussion and negotiation left there! I hope nobody I know reads this site because we try to keep the name a surprise, particularly with family!

I’m not due, just obsessed! That means you can’t get rid of me.


I’m not pregnant, but my husband and I would like to start our family now. We would like to have between 2-4 kids, so we’ve started discussing names. I really love [name]Josephine[/name], [name]Alice[/name], and [name]Violet[/name]. My husband really only likes to talk about boy names. We like [name]Finn[/name], [name]Donovan[/name], [name]Beckett[/name], and [name]Seamus[/name] (I also love the names [name]Milo[/name], [name]Henry[/name], and [name]Jasper[/name], but he doesn’t). I think it’s going to be kind of tough deciding on names! I also can’t really talk about names with family, because they don’t like any that I like (I can see the look of disgust and horror in their eyes when I mention [name]Josephine[/name] or [name]Milo[/name]), so I’m very happy I discovered Nameberry!

Did you know that [name]March[/name] 17 is [name]St[/name] Patricks [name]Day[/name]!!?? Have you thought about giving your child an Irish middle or first name?

I am due [name]November[/name] 28 with twin girls. I have a daughter who will be 3 mid-[name]March[/name] named [name]Dorothy[/name] [name]Violet[/name] (nn [name]Dottie[/name] or [name]Dot[/name]) and as for now, we are planning on naming our daughters [name]Matilda[/name] [name]Adelaide[/name] ([name]Mattie[/name]) and [name]Eloise[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name] ([name]Ellie[/name]).

I am due February 21, we wanted to find out, but no such luck, baby wanted to keep it a Surprise.
I have Daughter [name]Chloe[/name] [name]Chantal[/name] from a previous realtionship who is 6 and this child is my second and hubby’s first.
I love girl names that start and end with A! [name]Aurora[/name], [name]Aurelia[/name], [name]Arianna[/name]… I could go on… as well I like as [name]Penelope[/name], [name]Thalia[/name] and the ever popular [name]Charlotte[/name]. I love the name [name]Eleanora[/name], to honor my mom (nora), but nothing seems to fit with it.
But none feel like THE name
For a Boy I love [name]Nathaniel[/name], [name]Xavier[/name], [name]Thaddeus[/name] or [name]Dominic[/name], again nothing feels like The Name, good think we have some time!

I am not having a baby. However, my daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins who are due [name]May[/name] 9th, 2010 but will likely be born in [name]April[/name] (since twins usually come early). At this point, she is saying she doesn’t want to know the sexes ahead of time. There are two amniotic sacs so these could be 2 girls, 2 boys, or one of each. We have to prepare with at least two good boy’s and two good girl’s names so we have all bases covered. :slight_smile:

We’re trying to conceive. We decided over a year ago to have another baby but decided to wait until last month to actually try. If we don’t get pregnant this month we’re going to wait until [name]January[/name] to try again. I don’t want overlapping Birthday’s ect. that’s why we’ll wait. If we do get pregnant this month, due date would be in [name]July[/name]. Does anyone have any good patriotic names up their sleeves? I love names anyway but thought there’s nothing wrong with being prepared with a good list of names.

[name]Hi[/name], I’m due with baby #2–a boy we’re almost certain (they won’t tell you in B.C. [name]Canada[/name] unless you go to a private clinic…however we both spotted a penis on the 18 week ultrasound, which the tech seemed to subtlely confirm) on [name]November[/name] 16. I have a hunch he might appear on the scene before that, though. Our other son, 3, is [name]Wyatt[/name] [name]Patrick[/name].

We seem to get further from choosing a name daily. Another irony: as we make less headway, I get more and more name obsessed. Maybe I can convince my husband that [name]Sawyer[/name] isn’t a “creepy” name (I never saw that show “Lost”, but he has)…since it still seems to be my favorite of all the ones we run through.

hello Im due on February 10th with a boy. I already have a 2yr old daughter named [name]Lila[/name] (leela) [name]Aveline[/name]. Our boys names are down to three [name]Rio[/name] maxwell, [name]Tennessee[/name] Miro and [name]Zephyr[/name] [name]Maxwell[/name].

ps dots mom I commented on your twins names when u had posted it before. I really liked all the names! Your final choices r nice.

[name]EDIT[/name] : This will be our third or fourth as it seems twins are more popular than I thought. I actually had a dream I had twin boys that looked just like the blue eyed cutie on the right hand corner of this page. There are six years between my daughters [name]Kira[/name] (11) and [name]Mia[/name] (5) and there will be at least that many between [name]Mia[/name] and our next, depending on how soon we get pregnant. [name]EDIT[/name]:

Thank you [name]Meryl[/name]! We are very excited to meet them!! Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough!

disa, I always thought Sousa–after [name]John[/name] [name]Phillip[/name] Sousa–might make a good middle name for a 4th of [name]July[/name] baby.


I’m astonished you’re restricted in finding out the sex in BC - we’ve had an ultrasound in both [name]Alberta[/name] and Newfoundland (for the same baby!) and the first question the tech asked was, “[name]Do[/name] you wanna know?”. We redneck Albertans always assumed BC was so liberal ;p