Where can I find

A list of all the names that were given last year. I know I have seen it somewhere!! It is just a list of all names given in a particular year with the amount of babies that were given that name. I am sure one of you berries can help me find it.

The SSA list? You can find it at www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/ . But even then they don’t list everything. For security purposes, they only list names that are used 5 times or more. The link I gave only will list up to the top 1000 names used each year per gender. There’s a way to get beyond those names, but I don’t know what that link is. Good luck!

[name]Parker[/name] I have the list that you are looking for that is saved in document form that I can send to you if you want. What [name]Ash[/name] said is correct though, none of the births go below 5.