Which August- Name?

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Respondents: 31 (This poll is closed)

  • Augustus : 15 (48%)
  • Augustine : 6 (19%)
  • Augustin: 10 (32%)


It’s the least problematic to me.
[name]Augustine[/name] is very much a girl to me, and [name]Augustus[/name] is too much u.
Ideally, I like just [name]August[/name]. I think it’s perfect as just [name]August[/name].

I only like [name]August[/name], but if I had to choose one it would be [name]Augustus[/name].

[name]August[/name] is just perfect the way it is. The “us,” “ine”, or “in” endings just make the nice, strong “[name]August[/name]” a bit too forced for me.

I prefer [name]August[/name] on its own, too, but voted for [name]Augustus[/name].

While I do like [name]August[/name] on its own (fn or mn), [name]Augustus[/name] is a nice choice too (especially for a mn). To me, [name]Augustus[/name] is more masculine than [name]Augustine[/name] and is more classic than [name]Augustin[/name].

I meant to vote for [name]Augustin[/name] but voted [name]Augustine[/name] by accident :frowning:
I only know [name]Augustine[/name] as a girls name and the “ine” ending is instinctively feminine to me when it comes to names so I can’t imagine it on a boy.