Which character should be the sixth main character?

Hello, i’m having a difficult time to choosing which character should I have as the sixth member for a group of children who are six middle school children and the five are Oliver, Justin, Peter, Barry, and Miranda, and I also like its name to have a good fit to their names as well. I want for you to vote on a poll on which character should be the sixth member based on four character descriptions that i’ve made.

1.Susannah is a girl who lives in Michigan and goes to junior high school, She lives in the suburbs in a middle-class neighborhood her mother who is a doctor and her father is a boss at a corporation company and has little sister Yori, who is adopted and has a close relationship with. She’s smart, intelligent, nice, funny, kind, loyal, polite, friendly, erudite, nerdy girl who is the kind of kid you don’t to be mean to or take advantage of and despite of her personality she can be a bit bossy and doesn’t like to take no nonsense, and when things goes wrong she never gives up or quit. She has the best friend named Miranda who has good friendship with each other since there were five years old and they are inseparable, she is also the voice of reason to her when she’s in a sad state or making a hard decision which shows her helpful and considerate side.

  1. Ellie is a young twelve year old nice,smart, kind, friendly, sweet, optimistic, down to earth girl who likes listening to music and reading online comics.

3.Nora is a young Italian-American girl who likes to read books, play outside, and likes to play sports and is dreaming of becoming a school teacher. She is smart, intelligent, nice, cool, level headed, witty, nerdy, mature, wise, bookish, independent, kind, friendly, fun-loving, responsible, sassy, feisty, confident, down to earth, helpful, and loyal who can be sarcastic at times, she is usually serves as the smart one and the voice of reason to her group of friends to keep them grounded and help out her friends.

4.Tina is a nice, friendly, kind, loyal, intelligent, humorous, and nerdy young girl who likes comedy and likes to make people laugh with dreams of becoming a comedian.She also loves cartoons and comics also has a penchant for the fantasy, sci-fi, and the superhero genre and also likes to go conventions as well.

  • Susannah
  • Ellie
  • Nora
  • Tina

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I voted for [name_f]Tina[/name_f] this time! :blush:

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[name_f]Tina[/name_f] is a sweet name and blends well with the others!! :grin:

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