Which do you like best?


[name]Serena[/name] - my favourite. A nice twist on out-and-out virtue names, it is feminine without being flamboyant - ever-so-slightly edgy, even.
[name]Eden[/name] - reminds me of names such as Paradise and [name]Nevaeh[/name], which make me feel a little peaky, but in itself is actually not a bad name.
[name]Kennedy[/name] - too masculine for my tastes, especially as it invites the [name]Ken[/name] nickname.
[name]Piper[/name] - one of the only very-American names that I like, I’ve thought it quite cool and sassy ever since I first heard it (on an episode of Charmed; I seem to remember the character was nice, too).

[name]Eden[/name] and [name]Serena[/name] are my favorites from your list.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I think [name]Kennedy[/name] is the best one of the lot.

In theory, I also like [name]Serena[/name], but it’s a little bit [name]Amber[/name] or [name]Tiffany[/name] kind of name to me, or I guess [name]Britney[/name] or [name]Nevaeh[/name] now, sort of eh… overused. It’s a touchy subject and I don’t want anyone to get mad at me.

[name]Eden[/name] - it has some sort of religious tones, not sure whether this is sin or knowledge or just a garden and creation for people. I tend to focus on the snake and the apple here. I don’t know, it just seems kind of naughty, like someone on a soap opera, not the nice one.

[name]Piper[/name] - I might be the only one who doesn’t like this name, it gets recommended a lot. If one gets used to it, I guess it’s not so bad, but it seems so random that this would become a name for common usage. [name]Piper[/name]. Pipe. Put that in your [name]Piper[/name] and smoke it. It’s just so random to me!

[name]Serena[/name] is my fave totally beautiful and totally underused!


[name]Eden[/name] - I like.
[name]Serena[/name] - Close to [name]Sabrina[/name]…which I’m not really a fan of.
[name]Kennedy[/name] - Reminds me of the old mtv veejay.
[name]Piper[/name] - A little trendy but not bad.

My favorite is hands-down [name]Serena[/name]. I’m a little surprised by the [name]Amber[/name]-[name]Tiffany[/name] comment, as to me it)'s the least trendy name of the group. The others definitely have their appeal but feel much more like names du jour, while [name]Serena[/name] has a more timeless quality. (Though there is [name]Serena[/name] [name]Van[/name] Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl…)

It might be a local thing where I grew up, the [name]Serena[/name] comment. Like I said, I like it in theory, but it’s sort of cheesy. I think maybe it didn’t really hook because of [name]Brittany[/name] and [name]Kayla[/name] (modern analogs to [name]Amber[/name] and [name]Tiffany[/name]), but in the same way [name]Nevaeh[/name] or [name]Destiny[/name] gets popular, so I had thought, was kind of like [name]Serena[/name], a reasonable conclusion? I know some people who used the name [name]Serena[/name], mostly because at the time, [name]Destiny[/name] and [name]Nevaeh[/name] weren’t invented yet.

[name]Serena[/name], also love [name]Sabrina[/name].

I love [name]Serena[/name]. Beautiful name, beautiful meaning. Unfortunately my husband vetoed it because it just made him think of the [name]Williams[/name] sisters!

[name]Love[/name] [name]Serena[/name], followed by [name]Eden[/name]!

[name]Kennedy[/name] :slight_smile:

I like [name]Serena[/name]. I’ve only known one - I don’t think it’s really been a trendy name.

I also like [name]Piper[/name]. I think a girl has to have some spunk to pull it off, though. :wink:

I am torn about answering u honestly lol. If my 2nd child is a girl I will name her [name]Serena[/name], so clearly that’s my fave but 1 of my fave qualities about it is that it isn’t uber popular. So def I like [name]Serena[/name] best!

I love [name]Serena[/name], and really considered it at one point. My husband loves it, too. But my mother convinced me out of it, saying it reminded her of the [name]Williams[/name], and I’ve heard that from a few other people. But if that doesn’t bother you (and not sure why it should, maybe it’s just an overpowering association), I’d say go for it!

I definitely like [name]Eden[/name] best, I think it has the prefect amount of feminine-ness (probably not a word…) to it, but is still not too girl. Also a great meaning.
Followed by [name]Serena[/name], which I think is beautiful.