Which do you prefer: Aerin or Nina?

We’re expecting our liitle girl in [name]January[/name] 2013.
I’m finding it very difficult to decide on a first name.

At this stage it’s between [name]Aerin[/name] or [name]Nina[/name]. Which do you prefer? Or which would you choose for first and middle?
Also like [name]Noa[/name], [name]Anais[/name], [name]Neve[/name].

Please help!


I love [name]Nina[/name]. Not sure what the point of a middle name is really.

I love [name]Nina[/name]! And [name]Nina[/name] [name]Anais[/name] is beautiful!

[name]Nina[/name] seems more like a middle name to me. I’ve heard it used for [name]Kristina[/name]. Is [name]Aerin[/name] pronounced the same as [name]Erin[/name]? Is [name]Neve[/name] pronounced “N-ehv” (rather than “neev”)? If so, I vote for that one. Sorry if this wasn’t very helpful. Congrats on your little girl! Good luck!

I really like [name]Nina[/name]. :slight_smile:

I like [name]Nina[/name]. As for the middle name, [name]Anais[/name].

[name]Nina[/name] [name]Anais[/name] is gorgeous but it blends together a bit.
[name]Aerin[/name] is pronounced [name]Erin[/name] right? If so I really love it! But I prefer the down to earth familiar spelling, [name]Erin[/name]. If it’s pronounced like Ayrinn it makes me think of [name]Aaron[/name].

[name]Nina[/name] :)…

The spelling of [name]Aerin[/name] is a little odd to me because I"m so used to [name]Erin[/name]/[name]Aaron[/name]. I fear it will be a life long pursuit of correcting peoples spelling of the name. However, I strongly prefer it in any iteration to [name]Nina[/name].

I love [name]Neve[/name] and would probably use that as a fn. And then [name]Aerin[/name] as a mn. [name]Neve[/name] [name]Aerin[/name]. (In which case you probably really need the A to separate the two names).

[name]Nina[/name] is my favorite on your list, followed by [name]Anais[/name].

I’m not a fan of [name]Nina[/name], but I love all the other names on your list. [name]Aerin[/name] [name]Noa[/name] or [name]Aerin[/name] [name]Anais[/name] are nice.

[name]Nina[/name], it’s lovely and hardly heard of in my experience.