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  • Julia Penelope “Juju” : 18 (55%)
  • Sosia Penelope “Sosie”: 15 (45%)

i love the name [name]Julia[/name] but given your description, the other names and that this is for a writing project, not a child, i like Sosia better as [name]Julia[/name] is too mainstream i think

You know my opinion already but I went ahead a voted for sweet [name]Julia[/name] :slight_smile:

Thanks, ladies! I’m still torn, and it seems like collectively, you are too! The poll is almost split evenly. :confused:

I think I’ve decided that I like [name]Julia[/name] better as a name, and with her siblings, but I like the nn [name]Sosie[/name] more than Juju, and I think [name]Sosie[/name] fits her possibly better, it just seems more cutesy-feminine. Then again, [name]Sosie[/name] seems to fit her personality more than her actual appearance (or my image of her appearance, anyway). Ugh.

Thanks, ladies!

[name]Julia[/name] by far.
Sosia makes it off-balanced imo, both in style and initials, cause now you have a [name]Silvia[/name] and Sosia, but no other names repeat initials.
Plus Juju is so much better than [name]Sosie[/name].

I did a bit more looking, since neither [name]Julia[/name] or Sosia/[name]Sosie[/name] are feeling right, and I came across these. I want something that stylistically will go with the others, but I care more that the name suits little Miss [name]Winfield[/name]. :slight_smile: Anyway, these are the options:

[name]Cecilia[/name] (nn?)
[name]Gwenore[/name] “[name]Winnie[/name]”
[name]Isolde[/name] “[name]Izzy[/name]”
[name]Abelia[/name] “[name]Belle[/name]”
[name]Ambrosia[/name] “[name]Posy[/name]”
[name]Helena[/name] “[name]Leni[/name]”
[name]Zenobia[/name] “Zinny”

[name]Helena[/name] “[name]Leni[/name]” and [name]Ambrosia[/name] “[name]Posy[/name]” are especially striking me atm–I think both [name]Leni[/name] and [name]Posy[/name] are great with her older siblings. I’m not sure about [name]Ambrosia[/name] fitting stylistically, but I think [name]Posy[/name] does, and if she was [name]Posy[/name], she’d really only ever be known as [name]Posy[/name] (much like [name]Elizabella[/name] and [name]Annia[/name] would only ever be [name]Eliza[/name] and [name]Annie[/name]). I like the idea of [name]Belle[/name], [name]Gwenore[/name]/[name]Winnie[/name], [name]Izzy[/name]/[name]Isolde[/name], etc., too. There’ll be one scene in the story where [name]Linus[/name] comes in, shouts her name, and throws her in the air before catching her, so it’s important for me to be able to see him shouting her name affectionately like that. I can really see him saying [name]Posy[/name] and [name]Leni[/name]. I’m not sure about Juju, which was half my hesitation with [name]Julia[/name]. Anyway, thoughts on the new batch?

I would pick [name]Ambrosia[/name] “[name]Posy[/name]”. It may not fit just right sylistically, but over such a long period of time the parents naming styles are bound to have changed somewhat.

My next choice would be [name]Zenobia[/name].

I’m really loving the idea of her being [name]Cecelia[/name]. Nickname ideas are Cece, [name]Celia[/name], [name]Celie[/name], [name]Lili[/name]. The rest don’t seem like her to me. :frowning: