Which is more unique?

Aternoon or [name]Aberdeen[/name]

I’m guessing you mean [name]Afternoon[/name]?
I think they’re equally unique, but I prefer [name]Afternoon[/name] :slight_smile:
I love [name]Evening[/name] and [name]Morning[/name] though, especially [name]Evening[/name]!!
[name]Aberdeen[/name] sounds more like a name though, so I’m guessing that if any of them are going to grow in popularity it’s [name]Aberdeen[/name]…

[name]Afternoon[/name] is in my opinion.

I have an [name]Aberdeen[/name]! (However she is not human.) So this influences my answer, [name]Aberdeen[/name] feels more familiar to me. Thus, [name]Afternoon[/name] is more unique.

Are we serious!? Are we talking first name potential here?

I suppose [name]Afternoon[/name] is more technically more ‘unique’ but it just seems wrong, perhaps for a quirky mn, but not for a fn.

[name]Aberdeen[/name] is just taking the whole place name thing a bit too far [name]IMO[/name]…non-humans excepted of course!

Personally, I think [name]Afternoon[/name] is more unique, as I have heard of less time names than place names. I also think it is prettier and more whimsical.

That said, [name]Aberdeen[/name] has the accessable (but quite common) nn [name]Abby[/name]. Being part Scottish, the name does stir some sentimental feeling in me, but there are other Scottish place names I much prefer (I seem to remember there was a thread regarding them a while ago).

[name]Vesper[/name] means evening…

I’d never name my child [name]Afternoon[/name], [name]Aberdeen[/name] sounds nice though, it’s unique but not wierd. :slight_smile: