Which name is better for a baby girl?

See the results of this poll: which name is better for a baby girl?

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  • Larken Elaine : 15 (32%)
  • Phoenix Grayce : 11 (23%)
  • Breslyn Isabel : 9 (19%)
  • Makenzie Raiyne: 12 (26%)

[name]Evelyn[/name] [name]Skye[/name] you have a lovely name, your mother has great taste in names. [name]Phoenix[/name] and [name]Makenzie[/name] are dated now and people are going for [name]Lark[/name] for a girl’s name not Larken. Breslyn looks like a bad dream and please don’t change the spelling of a name to make it ‘yooneek’ because it just makes it look like you are uneducated, so stick with [name]Grace[/name] and [name]Isabel[/name] and [name]Elaine[/name] are lovely names and I would ditch all your first name choices and put these in the first name spot instead.


Worst spellings [name]Eva[/name]! Yooneek spellink = uneducated. Breslyn looks made up, [name]Makenzie[/name] would be a spelling nightmare. Larken looks like Farken hell - an Australian slang for the F word. Raiyne keeps wanting to be changed back to [name]Rain[/name] by my autocorrect spelling on my iPad. I think that says it all. [name]Isabel[/name], [name]Elaine[/name] - only ones worth keeping.

whoa whoa whoa there! My friend’s names are Larken and Breslyn! And how would you suggest spelling [name]Makenzie[/name]? I’ve only seen it spelled [name]Mackenzie[/name] and [name]Makenzie[/name]. and the name [name]Rain[/name] is usually spelled Raiyne or Raiyn

  • [name]Evelyn[/name]

I think if you are honoring your friends, then that is fine. I think you should spell [name]Makenzie[/name] [name]Mackenzie[/name], and I have NEVER met a Raiyne or a Raiyn, but I have met several [name]Rains[/name]. I think that Larken and Breslyn might be better in the middle, because it would be confusing, (in the FAR future) to have two Larkens or two Breslyns, or it would be hard to get the image of your old friend out of your mind. I like [name]Phoenix[/name], but for a boy. I would spell [name]Grayce[/name] as [name]Grace[/name], but I like [name]Isabel[/name] and [name]Elaine[/name].
Using all of your names, here are my favorites (In order)
[name]Isabel[/name] [name]Rain[/name]
[name]Grace[/name] Larken
[name]Mackenzie[/name] [name]Phoenix[/name]
[name]Elaine[/name] Breslyn
PS: I’m glad to see more teenage berries on here! I’m thirteen, and always love seeing the different name tastes of other teenagers, because I get a little peek of what some of the other kids names will be in the far future when we will have kids! Thanks for sharing your name list with us!

Thanks for your thoughts and just to be clear, i’m not thinking of naming my kids these names because i’m only 14 and am on my mama’s account!

  • [name]Evelyn[/name]

I actually like [name]Phoenix[/name] the best, and like how it sounds with [name]Grace[/name]. But again, I hate the creative spelling for [name]Grayce[/name]. I used [name]Mackenzie[/name] as my sons middle name. I’ve never seen [name]Makenzie[/name] as a variation although I have seen [name]McKenzie[/name].

My only advice too you is avoid the creative spellings. They might seem fun and unique now, but trust me when I tell you that your tastes will evolve as you grow older. 20 year me used [name]Aidan[/name] (which I still love because it’s his name and I love my son) but 30 year old me would NEVER use it now. I just like a different style of name now. And likewise, when you grow older the creative names just look like somebody who couldn’t spell had a baby.

That’s so cool how both you and your mom are into names! Yeah, I chose Larken [name]Elaine[/name] because it had the most normal spelling. For some reason, alternate spellings just irk me, as well as a lot of people on nameberry. Names just seem more classic and altogether prettier when they’re spelled the correct way. They’re all pretty names though, I love [name]Phoenix[/name] [name]Grace[/name], but you know, spelled right :slight_smile:

The “proper” way to spell [name]Makenzie[/name], which originated as a Scottish surname, is [name]Mackenzie[/name] or [name]MacKenzie[/name]. Incidentally, the “[name]Mac[/name]” part means “[name]Son[/name] of” so I find it kind of funny that names like [name]Mackenzie[/name] and [name]Mackenna[/name] are being used for girls. The same goes for [name]Madison[/name], which means “[name]Son[/name] of [name]Matthew[/name].”

My favorites out of your choices is [name]Phoenix[/name]. I know a little boy named [name]Phoenix[/name], but I think it’s a great unisex name that works really well for either gender, and I like the meaning behind it.

You should make your own account :slight_smile: (If your mom is okay with it of course!)

I actually really like Breslyn and Larken haha, but I appear to be alone in that! However, I prefer Breslyn [name]Grace[/name] and Larken [name]Rain[/name]. And I do agree with the others about those creative spellings, please just don’t do it, it makes the parents seem stupid, and you don’t appear to be anything but a very bright young girl! If you pick the right name, you don’t need a unique spelling to make it special!
I know a little girl named [name]Phoenix[/name], and she wears it well, and [name]MacKenzie[/name] is the way I know it to be spelled correctly, (as a last name, and as a first, both from experience) I quite like [name]MacKenzie[/name] [name]Phoenix[/name] for a combination :slight_smile:

Keep at the name loving!

[name]Evelyn[/name] why don’t you get your own nameberry account?

I agree that you should get your account. Of course, it’s up to mom. You remind me of myself a decade ago and I love it! Of course I’m not old yet either. I’m still a young but less youngberry. I continue to adore your name; too bad DH doesnt like [name]Evelyn[/name]. I agree that your taste will have evolved by the time you have kiddos of your own, or there will be associations later that will ruin names (unfortunately). But I am realizing that even between now and when I get preggo and then 9 months after that I could change my ideas too. :slight_smile: But we’re here to learn and have fun and become familiar with the whole naming process! I voted for [name]Makenzie[/name] because I love the name, and that spelling is fine, even though the traditional spelling is MacKenzie, but I’m not a fan of the kreatiff Raiyne spelling. I’d say, if you’re going to go with [name]Rain[/name], choose the [name]Raine[/name] spelling. Have you thought of [name]Rayna[/name]? [name]Reina[/name] in spanish means queen. I dont know if I like it with [name]Makenzie[/name] though.

Maybe you can try [name]Makenzie[/name] [name]Brooke[/name] or [name]Makenzie[/name] [name]Skye[/name] (using your middle name would be awesome, especially since it’s such a good one!)
Or what about [name]Reyna[/name] or [name]Rayna[/name] [name]Skye[/name]? [name]Just[/name] some thoughts for your to jumble around. I look forward to seeing you more on nameberry!

Also, if you get your account, your signature can explain that you are just a name-loving teenager so you dont have to worry about people to telling you what to name your baby! I understand that sounds weird when you’re only 14! Good luck!

Actually [name]Madison[/name] means son of the mighty warrior. But my friend says it means Daughter of the mighty warrior. But [name]Mackenzie[/name], [name]Mackenna[/name] and [name]Madison[/name] sound girly thats why they are used for girls

i tried to get my own account, but for some reason nameberry wouldn’t let me get onto forum…idk why…

  • [name]Evelyn[/name]