Which name to honour a Winifred?

See the results of this poll: Winston, Elwin, Oswin or Darwin?

Respondents: 44 (This poll is closed)

  • Winston : 31 (70%)
  • Elwin : 3 (7%)
  • Oswin : 3 (7%)
  • Darwin: 7 (16%)

I voted for [name]Winston[/name], but think [name]Wilfred[/name] (nn [name]Will[/name] or [name]Fred[/name]) would also work well. More “win” names-- [name]Winslow[/name], [name]Edwin[/name], Godwin, Winstead, and Arwin.

[name]Winston[/name] and [name]Oswin[/name] are the my preferred choices on your poll. [name]Frederick[/name] and [name]Frederica[/name] would also be fine choices.

I really like both [name]Winston[/name] and [name]Oswin[/name] both are super handsome!

I think [name]Winston[/name] is fantastic! [name]Frederick[/name] would also be nice.

I love [name]Winston[/name]. I also really like the suggestions of [name]Winslow[/name] and [name]Frederick[/name]!

Did she go by [name]Winnie[/name], [name]Winn[/name], or [name]Freddie[/name] as a nn? That would guide me to the most appropriate honor name.