Which option?

I posted here a couple weeks ago with a few name options, but I think my husband and I have narrowed our options on boys names. We nixed Stetson and Riley as my husband just couldn’t see it fitting, but we now started more seriously discussing Baker (along with Hayes-which we’ve always liked). Which one do you like better? I have a 4 year old boy, Owen Wyatt, if that helps.

  1. Hayes Anderson
  2. Baker Anderson

I like the names equally…I’m completely split down the middle. I’ve had Hayes on my list for 3 years as my top pick, but Baker came onto the scene about a year ago for me and I love it so much as well and my husband is starting to like it too. Anderson is my mothers maiden name so i’ll be using as a middle name no matter what. My husband likes both but says he likes Hayes if he had to choose.

I like Hayes Anderson a lot! It’s handsome and sorta tough but with a soft edge. I think it goes nicely with Owen Wyatt!

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I vote for Hayes Anderson! Although both are surname names, Hayes just seems more like a “regular” name, if that makes sense. I think that’s important because baby’s middle name is a surname and so is the last name. Plus, I think Owen and Hayes pair so well together.

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I totally get it. Our last name is a complicated German name…not something that could ever be used as a first name so that’s why I figured we might be able to pull off two surnames. But I agree, Hayes is more first name-y. Haha

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Hayes Anderson is great - cool and on trend but with a classic vibe

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I like Hayes better! While I enjoy some occupational names, Baker seems too obvious.

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Totally. It’s kind of getting popular in the US, too.

Hayes Anderson is fantastic and sound great with his older brothers name as well! Hayes definitely gets my vote.

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Haha thank you. That seems to be the consensus on this post and my last post. I love it, too!

Hayes Anderson

Another vote for Hayes–love love love, especially with Owen!

Hayes Anderson is a great name!

Agree with everyone else- Hayes is great!

Hayes Anderson

Hayes Anderson sounds so lovely and handsome. :slight_smile:

I think Hayes and Owen would make a fantastic sibset!

I prefer the flow of Hayes Anderson, and think Hates sounds better with Owen

I love the sound of Baker Anderson!