Which qualities do you prefer in a girl's name?

See the results of this poll: Which are most important to you in a girl’s name?

Respondents: 69 (This poll is closed)

  • Beautiful : 31 (14%)
  • Elegant : 29 (13%)
  • Spunky : 16 (7%)
  • Unique/Uncommon : 27 (12%)
  • Easy to spell/pronounce : 23 (11%)
  • Sweet : 19 (9%)
  • Fresh : 21 (10%)
  • Family name : 10 (5%)
  • History or meaning of the name : 36 (17%)
  • Other/See comments: 6 (3%)

Classy, Old fashioned, Sweet, Short, Spunky, Not too popular, Pretty, Compliments siblings names, Easy to pronounce and spell, Sounds great at all ages, has a great meaning

The meaning is big for me. If it has a bad meaning or is connected to something not so good, I will be turned off it. If I had a kid to name, I’d want that kid to be the only one in his/her class with that name. I also really love names that give you a good picture in your head- like [name]Silver[/name] or [name]Winter[/name], or I just read a thread with the name [name]Pine[/name], which I’m loving. That usually translates to whimsical, hippyish names, but I’m okay with that :slight_smile: And lastly, I’m not going to give my kid a name that reminds me of someone or something I don’t like, regardless of how pretty the name is.

I like something very very underused with a sturdy history and and legit spellings on the correct gender.

Easy to pronounce & spell
Historical or legit name
Beautiful to me!

I voted beautiful, history/meaning & other.
Other would be: strong, brave, independent.

[name]History[/name]/meaning: I like names to have a relation to history or literature. I love a good meaning too, but I want it to be something cool, not “pretty” or “nice” or other bland things. I love when a name has connection to faeries…

Beauty is of course individual, so when I say beautiful others might think it’s ugly.

I would have to say Uncommonness and [name]History[/name]/Meaning are two of the most important things for me. The next most important would be how beautiful and spunky it sounds to me. Substance for me is really number one in considerations.

  1. historical depth, and excellent namesakes
  2. not overly frilly or feminissima
  3. evocative, more than a collection of pleasant sounds
  4. saintly (at least one of the two given names must be that of an Eastern saint, or a Western saint before the Great Schism of the 11th century).

I voted beautiful, elegant, family name, and history. I think all my names are beautiful and carry a certain level of elegance and sophistication. I try to ave as many of my combos as possible honor a family member. All of my combos need to have a saint connection as well. I prefer if both names do but as long as one doe that works for me.

I voted beautiful, elegant, and sweet . . . which does pretty much sum it up for me. I want a name that is strictly female and am especially concerned with naming a child for their whole life, not just for their childhood years. While not 100% important, I’d like a timeless name that will sound fresh on any age and won’t seem “dated”. While I’m not looking for it, it does seem that the majority of the names I like are easy to spell and pronounce.

Things that don’t matter to me are the spunkiness of the name (to me, most of the names I consider spunky are also ones that I don’t see aging with the child), unique (while I’m not looking to name a girl [name]Isabella[/name] or [name]Sophia[/name], I would like a recognizable name that maybe 2 or 3 girls have vs. 9 or 10), and the history/meaning. I don’t too much care for a meaning of the name, EXCEPTION being if there is a bad or “too much” history/meaning. I wouldn’t name a child God or [name]Zeus[/name], for example.

I voted historical, spunky, and uncommon.

Names that I like are ones with religious and/or mythological connections, especially Biblical names (though unfortunately, there are lots of great Biblical boy names, and very, very few great Biblical girl names, just from a sheer numbers perspective. Like, [name]Ezekiel[/name] is the coolest name ever ever ever), names that evoke the Cosmos/Heavens/[name]Night[/name] [name]Sky[/name]/Universe or nature and the wildlands, fairies, and elves, the Sea, seafaring, wayfaring, wandering, traveling. Yet also stately and historical, sound funky and cool, but are recognisable. And don’t end in A, generally, for girls.