Which Sibset?

In my story, a girl [name]Dane[/name] [name]Calla[/name]-[name]Caitriona[/name] de la Ponte and her older brother, [name]Reed[/name] [name]Cassius[/name]-[name]Vaughn[/name] de la Ponte, have to get fake names. For [name]Dane[/name] I already have [name]Lara[/name] [name]Ashley[/name], but for [name]Reed[/name] I can’t choose between [name]Riley[/name] [name]Jules[/name] or [name]Jules[/name] [name]Riley[/name]. What do you think. I’m open for suggestions about [name]Reed[/name]'s FAKE name or for [name]Dane[/name]'s FAKE name, but not about anything else. Also, does anyone have any last name suggestions?

Kyri [name]Laina[/name]

FYI: [name]Ruby[/name] has been lingering in my mind for [name]Dane[/name]'s fake name…

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Laina[/name], [name]Lara[/name] [name]Ashley[/name] is pretty but I don’t know if you’re aware but there is a famous company called “[name]Laura[/name] [name]Ashley[/name]”. Something to keep in mind. [name]Jules[/name] [name]Riley[/name] sounds like a first name/surname combo rather than [name]Riley[/name] [name]Jules[/name].

I think [name]Ruby[/name] would work better for [name]Dane[/name] simply because [name]Laura[/name] [name]Ashley[/name] is a big brand name in women’s clothes and home furnishings, and that’s all I see looking at [name]Lara[/name] [name]Ashley[/name]. (You could swap them maybe: [name]Ashley[/name] [name]Lara[/name]? [name]Ashton[/name] [name]Lara[/name]?) With [name]Ruby[/name], I think I like [name]Jules[/name] better. [name]Ruby[/name] and [name]Riley[/name] sound cutesy; [name]Ruby[/name] and [name]Jules[/name] do share that “oo” in the middle, but I don’t find the pair too matchy. I also find [name]Riley[/name] a tad dated and juvenile, where [name]Jules[/name] is handsome, but versatile (age-wise, personality-wise). Good luck with the project.

If you go with [name]Lara[/name] [name]Ashley[/name] for [name]Dane[/name], than I definitely would use [name]Riley[/name] [name]Jules[/name]. The names seem similar stylistically. However, if you use [name]Ruby[/name] ([name]Ruby[/name] [name]Lara[/name]?), [name]Jules[/name] pairs wonderfully. They share a vintage feel that [name]Lara[/name] and [name]Riley[/name] do not have. Besides, [name]Ruby[/name] and [name]Riley[/name] would be very matchy.

Thanks you guys. I came up with [name]Ruby[/name] [name]Lake[/name] [name]Holt[/name] and [name]Jules[/name] [name]Xavier[/name] [name]Holt[/name]. Thanks again!