Which sounds better with Alexander?

Right now my favorite boy’s name is [name]Alexander[/name], and I was wondering which other boy’s name would sound best as a sibling for [name]Alexander[/name]. I’ve included middle names and nicknames, if any, too. I’d also like to add that I’m pregnant, just trying to minimize my list of favorite names.

[name]Alexander[/name] [name]Finley[/name] “[name]Lex[/name]” and [name]Luke[/name] [name]Jameson[/name] (are [name]Lex[/name] and [name]Luke[/name] too matchy?)
[name]Alexander[/name] [name]Finley[/name] “[name]Lex[/name]” and [name]Morgan[/name] [name]Christopher[/name]
[name]Alexander[/name] [name]Finley[/name] “[name]Lex[/name]” and [name]Langdon[/name] [name]Thomas[/name]/[name]Henry[/name] (again, are the two L’s too matchy? If you choose this one, which middle for [name]Langdon[/name]?)

So which sib-set sounds better? Suggestions? Comments?
Thanks in advance for any and all input! :slight_smile:

[name]Alex[/name] and [name]Luke[/name] are great together just drop the [name]Lex[/name] I find that nn very ugly. I just love [name]Alexander[/name]

I have a cousin named [name]Alex[/name], just [name]Alex[/name], so I wouldn’t want to use that. But thanks for the input :slight_smile: and I’d love to hear more!

My favourite out of your options, and also the one which I think goes best with the classic [name]Alexander[/name], is [name]Luke[/name]. I adore it! If you are set on [name]Lex[/name], and really love both names, I don’t actually think [name]Lex[/name] and [name]Luke[/name] would be too much of a problem. While they have the same initial, they aren’t really too similar.

Other names that you may like :
[name]Jacob[/name] nn [name]Jake[/name]

Good luck!

I really like [name]Morgan[/name] for a little boy, even though lots of girls are snatching it up. That’s my pick. Not sure if I like [name]Lex[/name] opposed to [name]Alex[/name] though…