Which toddler pillows are the best?

I want to make sure I have a comfortable and safe bed for our child. I bought nice bedding, a mattress, but can’t decide which pillow to buy. Is it even important? At the moment I like Tillyou and Little Sleepy

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If it makes you feel more comfortable you can definitely buy a toddler sized pillow although just be aware you’ll need a different pillowcase to go with it since the ones that come with toddler bedding are usually full size pillow cases.
[name_f]My[/name_f] toddlers turned 2 in [name_u]July[/name_u] and they’ve been using adult pillows for a little while now. Although they did sleep without any pillow at all for a very long time.
I think it’s more important to make sure there aren’t too many loose covers and also that your child doesn’t overheat.
[name_f]My[/name_f] pediatrician said by this age they can use a regular pillow safely but of course, do whatever your doctor recommends and what you feel is safest for your little one.

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We’ve always given my children adult sized pillows. I noticed watching my daughter sleep yesterday (age 2) that some of the time she’s not even using a pillow and when she does she uses the itty bitty corner of it… so I’m not really sure how important it is but I completely agree with go with what the pediatrician is saying.

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Don’t know if you’ve bought a pillow yet, but I used the “dreamtown” toddler pillow, and have had no issues. It’s not a 100% cotton pillow (I think it’s poly/cotton), but it can be washed if it gets dirty, and it’s breathable and affordable. I started allowing my toddler to use a pillow shortly after she turned 1 because I noticed her wanting to use her stuffed animal as a pillow. If you’re super worried about material, look for 100% cotton/organic cotton, (but be aware it will shrink if you wash it).

When my children were small, I bought them simple orthopedic pillows that you can find everywhere in supermarkets. Indeed they are very comfortable and fix healthy babies’ heads while slipping. The main thing is that the filler is anti-allergenic, and the pillowcase is cotton. It was very convenient when the children were small. I could buy them everything at my discretion, but now everyone has their tastes and requirements. They always want something different from everyone else. Some month ago, my daughter asked me to order her a Waifu Body Pillow. Honestly, I have never heard about something such before. Have to keep up with the times!