Who does Dream Analysis?

I keep having the same dream in different settings, this is the third night in a row. I keep dreaming of this girl stealing things from me. I dreamed twice about this girl stealing my soul or trapping my soul in a physical place. The third time I dreamed of her stealing something material of mine that is very important to me. What does this mean? What is the mental issue that’s going on here?

Backstory: I was in a relationship with this girl for a short period of time, but I really liked her more than anyone else I dated until I found out she was lying to me about everything in her life. She never got any money from me so I don’t know what she was using me for other than for the experience. So I broke up with her weeks ago and we haven’t spoken since but why am I having these dreams about her now?

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I have a BA in psychology so I’ve studied dream theory, and while the Freudian analysis of dreams is admittedly interesting, I find myself understanding dreams from a less subconscious perspective. There are 3 main dream theories: the first is Freud’s, which deals with the subconscious mind, and is probably what you’re looking for. The second is that dreams are the mind’s way of processing memories, and it can do this for recent or older memories. And the last is that dreams are your brain making sense of completely random neural impulses. I, and most psychologists, believe a combination of all 3 is the most likely.

It sounds like you’re stressed, and that has a big factor in how your brain operates. It also sounds like you had a small traumatic experience which, same thing, would impact your brain. You seem like you’re thinking about this relationship and this girl a lot which means it’s fresh in your memory, even if the event is a few weeks old. I think it’s clear you feel betrayed by her. In my unprofessional opinion, there’s probably not much more going on than that. You’re stressed or were recently stressed, you have strong emotions, you’re concerned about these dreams, and your brain is processing that.

There is absolutely no mental issue that can be diagnosed because of dreams.


Wow, @SparkleNinja18 that’s very informative, thank you. Actually you’re correct on both accounts about me. That’s pretty impressive. I’ve been stressed out lately because I recently started my senior year at college and I’m also dealing with the passing of my father just last month.