why all of the crazy posts??

This is the only message board I’ve ever participated in…maybe it’s very common to have a lot of idiots posting dumb stuff for fun? Anyways let’s not comment so these dumb posts get buried under real posts.

Why are dumb people always bored enough to do such dumb stuff?

It’s not common in most boards I participate in. Although I did used to post on a rape and sexual trauma board where a group of trolls invaded and photo-shopped our photos onto pornographic images. That was pretty bad. I don’t understand it myself. Boredom, I suppose. Although you’d think there were more interesting things to do. shrug This seems to be one person, or at least, a group doing it together. I’m guessing children home alone. :slight_smile: School starts soon though.

We’re doing our best to stem this tide–it appears to be a group of UK teens who keep switching their user names. Sorry!

Thanks, [name]Linda[/name].

Thank you, linda!

Crazy day on here…

That. Is. Terrible.

At least this is just annoying…not disturbing like that!! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that!!

Thanks [name]Linda[/name]!