Why are girl names so hard?!?

See the results of this poll: Which do you like more?

Respondents: 50 (This poll is closed)

  • Elena : 22 (44%)
  • Meaghan : 2 (4%)
  • Noelle : 15 (30%)
  • Jocelyn : 10 (20%)
  • Leigha: 1 (2%)

I think [name]Noelle[/name] is very cute and will age well so I voted for it, but [name]Elena[/name] would have been my second choice. Good [name]Luck[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Just[/name] a thought-you could always use [name]Elly[/name] or [name]Joely[/name] as a nn for [name]Jocelynn[/name].

[name]Jocelyn[/name] is my favorite, and I love the nickname [name]Joss[/name]. It reminds me of the singer [name]Joss[/name] [name]Stone[/name].

I absolutely, positively adore the name [name]Jocelyn[/name]! So, so much. What about [name]Josie[/name] (or Jocey) as a nickname option? I’ve known as many Jocelyns with the nn [name]Josie[/name] as I have Josephines.

[name]Elena[/name] and [name]Noelle[/name] are my favorites:)

My fave is [name]Jocelyn[/name] nn [name]Josie[/name]
I also like [name]Elena[/name] & [name]Noelle[/name] from your list.

I like [name]Elena[/name] the best and [name]Ellie[/name], [name]Ella[/name], [name]Lena[/name] could all be nice nns. Maybe also [name]Nell[/name]. I like this spelling best of [name]Elena[/name]/[name]Elaina[/name]/[name]Alaina[/name] etc, although [name]Helena[/name] is my very favorite in this family. You might also consider [name]Eleanor[/name] and [name]Eleni[/name].

[name]Jocelyn[/name] and [name]Noelle[/name] are the other two I like. [name]Jocelyn[/name] I really [name]Josie[/name] for as a nn, and could also see [name]Jo[/name]. This is a name that feels a bit of-the-moment to me, though of course it does have a good history too.

[name]Noelle[/name] is nice I am not wild about it starting with “no” though, and everyone might ask if she’s a [name]Christmas[/name] baby etc (which if she’s due early [name]Jan[/name] might well be close enough).

[name]Meaghan[/name] seems tired, very 80s, and also I’d go with the easier to spell [name]Megan[/name]. What about [name]Reagan[/name] or [name]Teagan[/name] or [name]Morgan[/name] or [name]Molly[/name] or [name]Margaret[/name] or [name]Margo[/name]?

Leigha is nice but besides your friend’s dog seems even a harder spelling than [name]Meaghan[/name], please consider [name]Leah[/name] if you go this route…or just [name]Leigh[/name].

Good luck!

I am loving your choice of [name]Meaghan[/name], as I am pronouncing it as “Mee-gan” not “[name]Megan[/name]”. Is that your intent? Beautiful, fresh, yet not invented.

[name]Elena[/name] is my favorite. [name]Lena[/name] is an adorable nickname.

[name]Jocelyn[/name] with the nickname [name]Josie[/name] is gorgeous as well.

Congrats on the new baby!