Why Do You Love Nameberry?

I thought it would be nice to have an appreciation thread for the community. So go ahead, spiel about why you love the community, which users light up your day, what features you adore, etc. :heart:


I love how supportive and kind everyone is, even if their taste of names are different. I enjoy seeing everyone’s comments, posts and that everyone is so helpful


Names, of course :grin:
Kind and helpful community :blush:
[name_f]My[/name_f] best friends ever, aka Teenberries :revolving_hearts:


You get to help real people name little humans. And NB has a really pleasant visual aesthetic. And the community is very positive, and very active.


I met some of the people who have made an impact on my life forever. And then of course the name help!( @oboeplayer1, thanks for creating the Teenberries thread seven years ago :slight_smile:) I’ve met some of my best friends on here: @penelope_lynson @emmy.r.30 @AdrianaRae @leafsgirl44 @JoyfulWriter @silversparkles @dogs_books @sgsg8 and so many more but theres a 10 mention limit for me so yea. But the one person who I love and she is like the older sister I never had is Elena. Everyone needs an Elena in their lives. I remember when I first joined nb in April or May, EJ was the first person to reply with this long reply(which the teenberries call an “Elena” bc she pulls one often lol) and that’s the reason I stayed on nb. So thanks everyone! Thanks @EJpuddlejumper!


There are so many reasons why I love Nameberry. I love the sage moderation by @katinka and the whole team. It absolutely tickles me that @pam actually looks at the forums from time to time. I love reading posts by @ashthedreamer and @hyacinthbucket. It makes me smile whenever @leafsgirl44 finds a new name love and can’t wait to share it with us. I love using my creativity and my passions to find names and create combos that feel like gifts for my future children. I love checking the forums in the morning to see who I can help that day. It’s just the most beautiful online community, and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.


This thread! [name_m]Reading[/name_m] everyone’s responses made me smile.


Oh my goodness, thank you :pleading_face::heart:

I love the wonderful friends I’ve made since joining Nameberry eons ago - @southern.maple, @ashthedreamer, @regionlatbest, @jonquils, @12queen, @SparkleNinja18, @Maerad, @GenEric, @oliviasarah, @katinka, @greyblue, @whatchamacallit, @meyera4, @ChelsAnne22, @futuremama, @almostactually, @kittie, @celes, @handlion, and so many more that I literally will run out of room :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes me so happy to be a part of this wonderful community for the last 7-8 years (!) and I love the positivity on this site. So many supportive, lovely users! :sparkling_heart:


You are the sweetest! They say it’s not the names you choose but the friends you make along the way. I love the people on this site.




Because why not mention some of the people that make my life happier:

@dogs_books @EJpuddlejumper @MargotAbeline @AdrianaRae @12queen @caramel107 @MagnoliaE @ChipmunkGirl @emmy.r.30 @otter.on.ice


@KaiLun @midwinter @EagleEyes @BookSneakersMovie @sgsg8 @JoyfulWriter @Sabrina_Mae @diamondestiny, and non-teenberries :grin: @jonquils @katinka

I reached 10 mentions again :unamused:


@diamondestiny @almostactually @futuremama @moonstone @charmingpie19

And, of course, @pam!


I love how nice the community of NB is! It’s so positive and helpful when your asking about names and it’s so much fun to go help others. Not to mention I’ve met some people that I’m proud to call my friends, like many of the teen berries, and even some of the moms I’ve gotten used to seeing in here a lot. I can’t mention all of them as I could fill a whole thread with them but just know that I care for all of you and you’re all very special to me!:heart:


I’m not tagging anyone out of paranoia that I’ll miss someone, but there are so many lovely people here. This site is so supportive, interesting, and fun!


I just love how kind and caring most users are. It makes this community a safe space for sharing. Names can be a deeply personal thing, so it’s wonderful to see people (mostly) sharing with care and respect. I also really love how the community has grown to be more than just “about names” - such as the TTC and pregnancy support threads. Everyone’s journey is different, with ups and downs, and I think it’s fabulous that Nameberry has become a place to connect and share on topics that can feel really daunting and lonely.


I love how helpful and genuine nearly everyone is on here and how no one finds it weird that we love names as much as we do! It makes me smile to see everyone discovering new name loves and new combos :slight_smile:


I 100% agree! (She’s like my older sister even though I’m older than her lol!)

I love how supportive and accepting nameberry is! As someone who is still relatively new to the cite, I feel like I’ve been here forever! (I’m sure @dogs_books can relate, because we joined around the same time!) Huge thank you to everyone in this community, you make nameberry wonderful! And a special thanks to @katinka! I can imagine how challenging your job is sometimes, trying to manage all of us crazy beans! :joy:


To me, like everyone else, I love the community that’s on here! I’m not particularly close to anyone but I love to read everyone’s stories and join in the excitement! I also just really love baby names and spend potentially way too much time on here!


Same here :see_no_evil:

Same as everyone else, the community (and name taste :wink:) on here is amazing! I also think it has a really pleasing aesthetic. Sounds like a small thing, but that really impacts if I’ll be staying in a website or not. Not a conscious decision, but websites that look chaotic to me, usually confuse my brain. The aesthetic here is so calm (this was a major concern of mine when we switched platforms, but it turned out okay). I also agree that it’s sooo nice to have so many people who get it. I cannot even tell you how happy and relieved I was when I found the forums 5.5 years ago (different account). When trying to explain that names are my hobby to people, I always get a “oh okay. that’s so weird. how are names even a hobby??” or “oh my gosh, I love names too. here’s the list I have in my notes” (not quite the same thing, guys). I seriously always thought I was the only one weirdly obsessed with names :joy: it was such a relief to find NB :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are things I left out, but this is all I could think of rn :smile: