Why don't they return to get our feedback?

Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of first time posters who post and never return for the answers from the nameberries?

I have noticed that some new nameberries will put in a post asking for naming help (sometimes a very long one) and then the nameberries get to work and give their answers but the OP doesn’t come back again.

I suppose one could say that is just part of the statistics of a site like this but it can be disheartening. :frowning:

Hmm, yes I have noticed and I think it’s just part of message board stats. People get busy, go to other sites, forget where they posted, etc.

You could try private messaging the person to “remind” them of the thread. I think you have to set your personal preferences to get replies to your threads by email, but everyone should be set up to get an email when they get a PM. That might prompt them to return.

Like Crunchymama, I suppose that they do forget where they posted et cetera, or perhaps solve their dilemma themselves and not bother to check back, but sometimes it is a little disappointing - especially if they were considering some great names! I really enjoy it when the asker and the rest of us Berries get a real sort of rapport going.

Actually, though, this has reminded me of a couple of threads I’ve started and never really replied to - I think I’m going to go and hunt them out.


They might read them and just not reply.