Why is Camila is so popular in Texas? 783 babies in 2009!!!

I couldnt believe this. The SSL lists [name]Texas[/name] for having 783 babies named [name]Camila[/name] in 2009. Its number 23 on the state list. I also looked at namenerd website for the complete total of spelling etc combined and here are the stats:
4,835 Total…[name]Camila[/name] 3,707 [name]Kamila[/name] 581 [name]Camilla[/name] 547

So [name]Texas[/name] accounts for around 1/6 percentage of babies named [name]Camila[/name]! Does anyone know why [name]Camila[/name] is so prevalent in [name]Texas[/name]?

My guess is that it’s a very popular name among Spanish-speaking families, so the higher population of Hispanic families living in [name]Texas[/name] may have something to do with it. I may be wrong, it’s just a guess. It’s a beautiful name, and was almost my oldest daughter’s name!

Thank you Jayjoh for your reply! I wasnt sure if it was just a trend within the state spread amongst everyone or if it was more of an ethnic thing. But I think you may be right and I just found out that [name]Camila[/name] is a Spanish name ~ I should have looked up the origin before posting the question, Im suprised as I thought it was French but that is [name]Camille[/name].

I live in [name]Texas[/name] and can definitively answer that [name]Camila[/name]'s pop. level is boosted greatly by the Spanish-speaking community. [name]Diana[/name], [name]Silvia[/name], and the like are all much more common for young girls in [name]Texas[/name] than nationally. It makes choosing an uncommon name a bit more difficult here.