Will a boy get teased with this name?

My husband and I both love the way the name [name]Gaius[/name] sounds ([name]Guy[/name]-us). It is a strong name filled with history (and we both love battle star galactica to boot!). The name [name]Guy[/name] is also a huge family name- an uncle, a great grandfather and two cousins have the name so I would feel like I was partly honoring it.

The only problem is the spelling. [name]Will[/name] a boy get teased and be called [name]Gay[/name]-us? I am not homophobic by any means but children can be cruel. My little sister’s friend (a boy) has the last name [name]Gaylord[/name] and he is teased mercilessly. While I admit [name]Gaylord[/name] has more potential for teasing that [name]Gay[/name]-us… I still worry about it.

What do you think?

Also, please please do not recommend alternative spellings- it is a pet peeve of mine to butcher classic names with funky made up spellings. I’d rather just not use the name at all. Thanks!

Um, yes. I really hate that kids get teased for such thing, but this one is really just asking for it. I am even wondering a bit if this is some sort of practical joke question – if you’re not kidding, perhaps you’ll see how serious this is?

And I may be wrong, but I think you live in [name]Texas[/name] from your name. Perhaps perhaps perhaps you could get away with this in, say, [name]Brooklyn[/name] or Seattle, but oh my … please don’t try it in [name]Texas[/name].

If you love the way it sounds so much, why not [name]Caius[/name]? Or just [name]Guy[/name]?

I’ll admit that my first reading was “[name]Gay[/name]-us,” and I think that both pronunciations are correct.

Personally, I would use [name]Caius[/name] instead (which is simply another form of the name) and side-step this issue altogether.

I don’t think it will be a problem and if it is, it won’t be a big one. A [name]Gaylord[/name] is certainly more teasable, unfortunately. I knew a [name]Galen[/name] ([name]Gay[/name]-len), who wasn’t teased. Now, if it had been spelled [name]Gaylin[/name] or Gaylynn, I’m sure someone would have picked on the [name]Gay[/name]- part. He was just a confident but quiet, well-liked guy. You just have to raise a child who is tolerant and not embarrassed to be associated with homosexuals. He has to be comfortable with himself. As long as he’s confident and if someone makes a joke, he accepts it, no one will do it again because it’s not fun if the bullied person just shrugs it off.

[name]Gaius[/name] is great and if he has the nickname [name]Guy[/name], I doubt “[name]Gay[/name]” will stick with him.

If you’re worried, you could try [name]Caius[/name], even though that takes away from the family name. Perhaps ask your cousins and/or uncle (depending on age) and see if they had any problems growing up as a [name]Guy[/name]. If they had a problem, you can always call him [name]Gus[/name].

BTW, it is said that [name]Gaius[/name] is probably the root of the word ‘gay’ (appropraitely used) since [name]Gaius[/name] means ‘happy; rejoice.’

I think this would be a bit of a problem. Mostly in elem./middle school, and some/very little in highschool. And i only say this because i remember seeing children be teased as a younger child, and i was even teased to tears once for my last name ([name]Reno[/name]), which other ids turned to Rhino and continued to chant around me until i cried. However that one experiance does make me very sensitive to possible tease potential names. I really only think it will a problem because i think people will have a hard time pronouncing it. When i first read, i thought it was [name]Gay[/name]-us, event hough after the explination, [name]Guy[/name]-us gramatically makes more sense. It is just difficut because all it takes is one or two mispronuciations for children to catch on. And i believe a previous poster mentioned you liv ein [name]Texas[/name]. I would think teasing for a name with a possible ‘gay’ connotation would lead to more teasing specifically because of texas. However you may be in a part of texas that isnt as…anti-alternative lifestyles? (Is a way to put it).

[name]Just[/name] my opinon though, and i also had a tramatic experiance as a child. So it does alter and possibly dramatify my feelings about names with what i deem easily tease-worthy.

Good [name]Luck[/name]!

Thanks for the replies, berries! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, something unexpected came up yesterday and I wasn’t in front of a computer.

Anyway, I think we have decided against it. I wish we lived in a society where being called gay in a teasing way didn’t exist but I think we are a couple decades too early yet.

Here is an unusual name that I want some feedback on: [name]Ptolemy[/name]. Husband and I both love the sound of the name and the quirky P spelling. It is pronounced TOE-LEH-ME for those that are unsure. It does have a similar flow to [name]Timothy[/name] which I also like but hate the nick name [name]Tim[/name]/[name]Timmy[/name]. What do you guys think? It has great history and I have always adored ancient Egyptian history. Too weird?

Also, any middle name suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I kind of like [name]Ptolemy[/name]! It’s a little out there, though. I would definitely use it as a middle name, or if the first pair it with a more tradtional middle. I like the rhythm of it though, like you said.