Will and Kate's Baby

I hope it’s a girl!

Well, it’s not impossible to have a boy, maybe she and the baby would be relatively rare case.

Well, genius made stupider mistakes, she isn’t perfect.

I hope it is girl, too.

This is the woman who kept the engagement a secret for a couple of months, the woman who never uttered a word about the designer of her wedding dress before the wedding. [name]Both[/name] she and [name]William[/name] are well aware of the fact that the Cambridge Fetus is only getting more and more “popular”, I think [name]Catherine[/name] definitely think twice before talking.

Again, she isn’t perfect. Maybe children are her soft spot.

Anyway, what are alternatives… Ms Noisy invented whole story and she was just waiting an opportunity where [name]Kate[/name] will come to her, she will give her a teddy bear and make a scene? Ms Noisy hear sounds that are not there?

[name]Catherine[/name] said “is this for our d…thank you so much”. The alternative is that she stopped talking because the toy was clearly for the baby and [name]Catherine[/name] was probably just going to give it to the dog, however she realized it would be rude to admit to giving a teddy bear, probably intended for the baby, to Lupo. Miss Nosy, however, is a douche for telling everyone even if [name]William[/name] and [name]Catherine[/name] don’t know the gender, she clearly was all about making money and gaining her fifteen minutes of fame. Also, no offense but I’d never give my kids toys handed to me by a stranger. Maybe I’m just weird like that. And how can “children be her soft spot”? Miss Nosy is a grown woman.

Agreeing with all of this. I also think she was intending to give it to Lupo but did not want to be rude.

I’m not sure why you’re so wound up about this theclocktowerofjoy… :confused:

I’ve had this condition with my pregnancies and have two girls.

I hope it is a girl too. I do not think her first name will be [name]Elizabeth[/name].

I don’t particularly care what she has as long as it’s healthy, but I voted girl because my girls made sick as hell. Though my one son did have me in the hospital once for dehydration. But for acute morning sickness the the whole time it was my girls.

Well obviously if she could have almost let the very rude ‘i’ll give this to my dog’ slip out(something you just NEVER would say) she could have let the other slip too!

It might be something YOU would never say, but that doesn’t mean no one would say it. I have had my share of unfortunate cases of word vomiting, and I know that if you think about something that’s not necessarily meant to be said out loud, sometimes you do accidentally say them out loud. I’m strongly opposed to the idea of her saying “our daughter”, even though I believe they’re gonna have a girl, mainly because [name]Catherine[/name] who is an excellent secret keeper - she has proved that in the past - wouldn’t accidentally let such a major thing slip. Excuse my words, but she’s no [name]Jessica[/name] [name]Simpson[/name]. Besides, you can’t even hear her say the, now infamous, “d …”. I think the “our d …” in this whole “is this for our d …”-gate is a friction of the incredibly annoying [name]Sandra[/name] Cook’s mind. A desperate claim for fame and attention.