Will Charlene come back??

With the popularity of [name]Charlotte[/name]…will the name [name]Charlene[/name] come back into popularity (even just a little bit)? It’s my mother’s first name and I am thinking about using it (either for this baby or another future daughter). So what do you think? Is [name]Charlene[/name] getting ready for a comeback or is it going to stay were it is for now?

Also what do you think of [name]Charlene[/name]? What images do you get?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Personally, I can’t see [name]Charlene[/name] coming back anytime in the near future. The “[name]Char[/name]” part is classic, via [name]Charlotte[/name], but names with similar endings, such as [name]Lorene[/name], [name]Kathleen[/name], [name]Doreen[/name], etc., all sound very dated to me. The sole image that comes to my mind is the girl from the [name]Andy[/name] [name]Griffith[/name] Show, and I never liked her. However, if the name is special enough to you because of your mother, then I would by all means use it.

I almost brought it back when naming my daughter lol!

I love [name]Charlie[/name] but not as a full name & [name]Charlotte[/name] feels too dainty for my tastes. I considered [name]Charlise[/name] but the actress was too strong an association. So [name]Charlene[/name] (and [name]Jolene[/name]) was on the list.

I like a lot if the strong names that my mom’s generation got. [name]Joan[/name] & [name]Theresa[/name] intrigue me more than [name]Sophia[/name] & [name]Isabelle[/name].

I think quite a few - leen names are kinda cool.

I know a [name]Charlene[/name] under 10 and she’s awful, but I think it might get a bit more popular with the popularity of [name]Charlotte[/name] and other names like it.

I love [name]Charlize[/name] so that might be an option for you and for honoring your mother :slight_smile:

I never liked [name]Charlene[/name]. Sounds dated as to where [name]Charlotte[/name] sounds timeless.

I don’t mind [name]Charlene[/name] at all. I also like [name]Marlene[/name] and especially [name]Marlena[/name]. Given the family significance, I think [name]Charlene[/name] would make a very nice middle name.

just watching wimbledon and one of federer’s daughters is charlene. he is swiss

I don’t think so. As someone else mentioned, that kind of ending has a very dated feel.

I know a [name]Sharlane[/name] under 10, somewhat similar. I can’t see it getting overly popular, but I do like the nn [name]Charlie[/name]!

I think it will, but it needs another generation, another 20-30 years. Then it will seem vintage old lady rather than middle-aged.

I think it will come back, but definately in another decade or two. I would use it, before you hear of too many of them! :slight_smile: Good luck!

Honestly? I think in even five or ten years time, it will be seen as a “cool” name to choose. And I think it is kind of cool. Yeah, a little bit trashy…but it’s got a different flavor. I wouldn’t rule it out, especially since it honors your mother.

I think it will depend upon whether [name]Princess[/name] [name]Charlene[/name] of Monaco can actually turn herself into an icon.

I think it has a pretty sound, but it is rather dated. It also has a slightly trashy vibe, for reasons I can’t put my finger on.

I love the name, I think it’s a really cute spunky name and I can definitely see it coming back I would totally use it before it becomes too popular again