Will or William?

I was thinking… I really like the name [name]Will[/name] better than I like [name]William[/name]. I love simple 1 sylable names, especially with two sylable last names. And I think I would be very tempted to call him [name]Willy[/name] if [name]William[/name] was his full name, and I HATE that nn. I also hate [name]Bill[/name], so if his name was just [name]Will[/name], it would eliminate that nn possibility too. For a cute nn I would just call him [name]Wills[/name]. What do you think!!!

Personally, I think that it would be nice if he was to be given the choice when he’s older to be known as [name]Will[/name] or [name]William[/name]. He might want to use [name]William[/name] in more professional situations, after all. I highly doubt that kids will call him [name]Willy[/name] or [name]Bill[/name]–and after all, [name]Willy[/name] could just as easily be a diminutive of [name]Will[/name], as well. I’d just put [name]William[/name] on the birth certificate and use [name]Will[/name]. Most people immediately call [name]Williams[/name] [name]Will[/name] anyway. Great name, by the way! (-:

I also like [name]Will[/name] better than I like [name]William[/name]. I know that many people are averse to giving children a nickname as their full name, and in many cases I agree. If the preferred nickname is cutesy or childish, for example, it is probably best to have the option of using a longer, traditional form. But I think [name]Will[/name] could possibly stand on its own. If you dislike (or don’t love) [name]William[/name], I wouldn’t use it. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Willem[/name] (nn [name]Will[/name]) any better?

Although you like [name]Will[/name] better, your son may like [name]William[/name] in some situations. You’re kind of cheating him out of a name if you give him a diminutive. I’ve known many [name]Will/name who go by [name]Will[/name] and have never had a [name]Bill[/name]/[name]Willy[/name] problem.