Woo-hoo! Love the new site!

I am loving all the new changes to NB! No glitches at all yet. [name]Just[/name] wanted to say great job w/ the redesign.

Yes I agree! It’s so great, been waiting for this for sooo long!

I love it too, it’s awesome. Having profiles and private messaging is cool too!

My only complaint is that, since I always use Nameberry on my iPod (easier than kicking my Facebook-obsessed, middle school aged brother off of the computer), it’s harder to read the posts. Before they fit perfectly on my screen, but not so much anymore. It’s not that big of a deal, just thought I’d throw that out there.

But otherwise, I’m loving the new layout! Very cool. :slight_smile:

That sucks [name]Rachel[/name]. I usually use my iPad for nameberry and that’s why I have super weird typos all over the place.

I looove being able to see the last two posts while I’m writing a response, that makes things so much easier!

[name]Love[/name] the new site too!! Great improvement :slight_smile:

I may be slow, but can you tell me what the little notepad looking things mean? There’s white, yellow, or red, and sometimes there is a dot on it.

I’ve been trying to figure it out. I think if it’s yellow, there’s something you haven’t read yet. When you read it, it turns white. If you’ve ever read it, and you’ve missed a lot of posts, it turns red. I think the dot is there if it’s a thread you commented on. It turns green or yellow, I think, but I’m not sure what those colors mean. There should be a key!

I was searcing in the FAQ for a key, but I couldn’t find one. I’d love one :slight_smile: