Word Names that Evoke Scotland's Landscapes?

The title pretty much says it all. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking for word names that are reminiscent of [name_f]Scotland[/name_f]'s landscapes. I’m drawing a blank here, and only have a couple ideas, like [name_m]Loch[/name_m], [name_u]Munro[/name_u], Inverness (or maybe a couple of other names of Scottish towns or cities), Shetland/[name_m]Galloway[/name_m], or maybe [name_f]Alba[/name_f] (although that seems more name-name as opposed to word-name?)… I’d rather not just have a list of Scottish place names, though? Any ideas? I’m hitting a wall here. [name_m]Loch[/name_m] and [name_u]Munro[/name_u] are my favorite ideas, although I like Shetland/[name_m]Galloway[/name_m] a lot, too.

Thanks, Berries!

Not a name, but Brogue is the first thing that comes to mind. Also, [name_u]Vale[/name_u] and [name_u]Lee[/name_u].

Hmmm Scottish scenery… it really depends where in [name_f]Scotland[/name_f].

(Many things golf related!)
Highland (mountain related names? I can’t think of any off the top of my head)

First thing that came to mind is Thistle, which is [name_f]Scotland[/name_f]'s national flower. [name_f]Heather[/name_f] is also a Scottish symbol, so works similarly.

[name_m]Ben[/name_m] [name_f]Nevis[/name_f] is the tallest mountain in the UK, and is in [name_f]Scotland[/name_f].

Not really up on my Scottish geography, but here are some ideas …


I think Tweed could be a handsome name after [name_f]Scotland[/name_f]'s [name_u]River[/name_u] Tweed and the tweed fabric [name_f]Scotland[/name_f] is famous for.

I immediately thought of [name_m]Lachlan[/name_m].


[name_u]Sky[/name_u] (as in the [name_f]Isle[/name_f] of [name_u]Skye[/name_u])
[name_u]Rain[/name_u] (lots of that in parts of [name_f]Scotland[/name_f]!)
[name_m]Buck[/name_m] (as in deer)

[name_m]Lewis[/name_m] and [name_m]Harris[/name_m] are a couple Scottish place names that don’t feel overtly place-y.

For girls, if you’re looking, there’s [name_f]Primrose[/name_f] (national flower, there’s a clan called [name_f]Primrose[/name_f]), Mist (as in the song Mists of [name_f]Islay[/name_f]), [name_f]Rose[/name_f] (also features in a few Scottish songs), and maybe even [name_f]Fairy[/name_f] (often shows up in Scottish mythology).