Worst Name I Have Ever Heard (non-celebrity)

I don’t usually make a habit of critisizing name choices, especially since some might think my favorites are a little “out there.” But I was looking through the birth announcements in our local paper yesterday and came across what I think is possibly the worst name for a little boy… [name]Cherry[/name]-[name]Lea[/name] Corvette.

It’s just wrong on so many levels… The name [name]Cherry[/name] is questionable enough but to give it to a boy seems almost cruel. He won’t even be able to go by [name]Lea[/name] because of the feminine spelling. I assumed it was a typo and the name was really given to a girl, but I checked two different newspapers and both said it was a boy. Considering the rise in popularity of the the name [name]Bently[/name], I can almost stomach Corvette as a middle name.

I’m hoping this is really just some joke the parents thought of as they were filling out the birth announcement forms. If not, I’m so afraid for this kid’s future. I would rather see a million overused, uniquely spelled names than a name that will haunt a kid for a lifetime.

Am I overreacting? Any thoughts?

You are correct. That is the worst!

I have to agree-it is bad!

It’s a girl, thank goodness.

I googled the name and her parents myspace page came up announcing their DAUGHTER’s birth.