would love some suggestions

I am new to this site. I was excited to find it because I have loved thinking and talking about names from the time I was little. I know my family gets tired of talking about names with me.
Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself as I am not even pregnant with my second child yet. However, I am looking for suggestions of names (girl and boy) that will sound good with my daughter’s name. Her name is [name]McKee[/name] (family name from my side and one of the only names that my husband and I agreed on). I tend to like different names for girls and more traditional names for a boys. However, lately I have seen some different sounding boys names that I like as well.
Anyway, I have read some of the suggestions that all of you have come up with in some of the other posts and have been very impressed. I thought I would try it for my own situation.
If it helps our last name is one syllable and starts with a K.
Thank you in advance as I would love to have some great ideas to present to my husband when we get to that point.

[name]Hi[/name] there, and welcome to Nameberry! :slight_smile: Let’s see…names for [name]McKee[/name]'s sibling. I’d definitely stay away from other “mac/mc” names, but to make sure the names go together, I’d stick with unisex or Irish names.

I’m sure more people will be along, but in the meantime, here are some more suggestions:



Thanks [name]Jill[/name]! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me come up with some good name ideas.
I absolutely love your suggestion of Carrington on the girl side. So far, that would be my first choice. Not sure if my husband will think that is too similar to the name of his brother’s daughter (Kinsington), but I really like it.
I saw that you suggested the name Kirkland on another post. Would that be for a girl or a boy? I have never seen that name before and am intrigued by it. Does it work with [name]McKee[/name]?
Also, in the book Cool Names I saw the name [name]Karielle[/name] and really liked that name as well. However, I am wondering if that works with [name]McKee[/name].

Coming up with boys names is much more difficult for me. My husband really likes [name]Ryder[/name] and while I think it may be becoming very popular, I like it as well. I like [name]Camden[/name] too, but unsure if that could be considered too feminine for a guy with a sister named [name]McKee[/name]. Does anyone have any opinions on the name [name]Ryder[/name] sounding good with [name]McKee[/name]?

One other name that my husband suggested was [name]Tanner[/name]. Again, may be too popular… not sure. Would [name]Tanner[/name] be a good name for a girl? Too masculine?

I probably should have mentioned this in my first post, but [name]McKee[/name] has three half siblings named girl - [name]Kennady[/name] (not spelled wrong… how her mom wanted it spelled),girl - [name]Madison[/name] (goes by [name]Maddie[/name]) and boy- [name]Andrew[/name] (goes by [name]Andy[/name]). We are very close to them, so I like to consider how the names sound with them too. They are older, so I guess it is more important to me how the name sounds with [name]McKee[/name], but want to include them in my question anyway.

Again, I really appreciate the help. Like I said, I absolutely love names, but have found that I still need a ton of help in this area (despite all the reading and thinking I do about names).
Thank you!

Is Kirkland a brand for food and other stuff sold in bulk? I think it is.
To me, [name]Camden[/name] is for a girl and would be cute with [name]McKee[/name].
I will try to think of some more names to go with [name]McKee[/name] tonight while I am going to sleep.

[name]How[/name] sweet of you to think of your step-children, [name]Kelly[/name]. :slight_smile: Their names (except for [name]Andrew[/name], which is a classic name) definitely are in line with [name]McKee[/name] and other unisex names. [name]McKee[/name] is unisex, but without the trendy vibe of Madsion (and, less so, [name]Kennedy[/name]), but it still fits with the others, as it’s a last name being used as a first name.

[name]Karielle[/name] isn’t my style (I’m a classic names person), but I can see why you like it. [name]Even[/name] though it has a pretty sound, I wouldn’t pair it with [name]McKee[/name], because when you see [name]McKee[/name] and [name]Karielle[/name], it looks like a boy/girl pair. In my humble opinion, [name]McKee[/name]'s sibling needs to have a unisex name, too, which works with your preferred style of naming.

[name]Ryder[/name] and [name]Tanner[/name] do go with [name]McKee[/name], and you can look up their popularity by entering it into the “Check out a name” box on the left. Personally, I’d look for a surname that’s a little more unusual, just like [name]McKee[/name].

Kirkland was for a boy. That poster is looking for last names beginning with K. Kirkland would absolutely go with [name]McKee[/name], and he could be called [name]Kirk[/name]. If Carrington is too close to her cousin, you could always go with [name]Kerrigan[/name] (unless, of course, you don’t want to be reminded of the ice skater with that name).

What else…[name]Camden[/name]. I do think it’s too feminine for a little boy, especially with the [name]Cammie[/name] nickname.

You may also like:


Have a good night!

I don’t think [name]Camden[/name] is femine at all!!! Use the nickname “[name]Cam[/name]”. [name]IMO[/name] it sounds very nice on a boy.

I know a female Kirklie. I’m not sure if her fist name is Kirkland, but I assume it is because Kirkland is a common surname in my community. If you love Kirkland for a girl and want to have a more feminine nickname, it’s an idea :wink:

I think both of those names sound adorable with [name]McKee[/name] (and [name]Madison[/name], [name]Kennady[/name] and [name]Andy[/name]).

Some others I think sound nice with [name]McKee[/name]:

[name]Torrence[/name] ([name]Tori[/name])
Breeland “[name]Bree[/name]”

( I love jill’s suggestion [name]Bronwyn[/name])

Fitzlee ([name]Fitz[/name]!)
Copeland (Cope)

that’s all I’ve got for now :slight_smile:

I just wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful suggestions and comments. I am still processing the new names and ideas that you have given me. I am trying some of the names out with possible middle names and of course our last name. I will probably have some more questions, but until then I just wanted you to know that I am very appreciative for the help. I thought I was aware of most names, but just in a few responses you guys have given me some names that I had never really considered. Thank you!

I thought of the name [name]Kirby[/name] for a girl.

[name]Kelly[/name], here are some more to go with little [name]McKee[/name]:


[name]Leander[/name] (lee-an-der)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I had some time over the weekend to think about potential names/name combinations and consider some of the great suggestions that you guys listed earlier. Wanted to get opinions on some of the names below.

For a boy, I have a feeling that [name]Ryder[/name] will be my husband’s choice. I agree with [name]Jill[/name] in that it would be nice to find a slightly different surname to go with [name]McKee[/name], but my husband seems to love [name]Ryder[/name]. I like it as well and since I got to use family names with [name]McKee[/name], I am not opposed to my husband’s first choice for a boy’s name.

If we go with [name]Ryder[/name], do any of you have opinions on some of these ideas (or better suggestions) for middle names. [name]Harrison[/name] (which I love) is a family name, but already been used, so that is out. These are some of my other ideas taken from family names.

[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] Stevens
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Charles[/name] (even though I like the name [name]Charles[/name], not sure I like the flow with [name]Ryder[/name])
[name]Ryder[/name] Reisinger (probably hard to say?)
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name]/ [name]Jameson[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Wendell[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Casey[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Anthony[/name]

We do not have to use a family name, so any other suggestions are welcome. We have a one syllable last name.

Also, just in case my husband changes his mind on [name]Ryder[/name]…

I was thinking…
[name]Cooper[/name] (my husband will most likely rule out since he did the first time around)
[name]Carson[/name] (same as above)
[name]Kellan[/name] (love the name, but too close to mine/ [name]Kelly[/name]?.. do not want to name after me)
[name]Cole[/name] (just not sure it flows with a one syllable last name)

Looking back at this list, I guess I will need help if it is a boy and we do not use [name]Ryder[/name]. Boys names that sound good with [name]McKee[/name] ([name]Kennady[/name], [name]Madison[/name] and [name]Andy[/name]) are harder than I thought. The name does not have to be Irish. I love the name [name]Andrew[/name], but we already have one!

For girls…
probably my two top choices

From your lists I also really like…
[name]Carys[/name]/[name]Kerris[/name] (spelling/ sound with [name]McKee[/name]?)
[name]Calla[/name] (I added this one… does it work with [name]McKee[/name]? I know it is not unisex)

others I like but not as much as above
[name]Jameson[/name] for a girl
[name]Ryan[/name] (just sounds plain with our last name)
[name]Sailor[/name]/[name]Saylor[/name] (not sure it works with the other kids)

I know how busy everyone is and I also know that there are people on here that have babies due very soon, so I would just love opinions when you have time. No rush!
Thanks in advance!

Also, I know the names above are not necessarily the style that most of you like, but I would still love to hear what you think about them considering that the name should go along with our other children.

[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] THIS, my fav middle with [name]Ryder[/name] you suggested
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] ok
[name]Ryder[/name] Stevens very handsome
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Charles[/name] not the best flow, I agree with you
[name]Ryder[/name] Reisinger Yes hard to say, but I love the middle if you choose a different first
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name]/ [name]Jameson[/name] I like [name]Jameson[/name] better than [name]James[/name] here
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Wendell[/name] I am not a fan of this combo, maybe its the d’s in the middle on both?
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Casey[/name] ok
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Anthony[/name] nice but I like others better

[name]Parker[/name] I like [name]Ryder[/name] better personally
[name]Cooper[/name] ditto above
[name]Carson[/name] I like [name]Carson[/name] a LOT… [name]Carson[/name] [name]Douglas[/name], [name]Carson[/name] [name]Joseph[/name], [name]Carson[/name] [name]Anthony[/name] are all very nice
[name]Kellan[/name] Yes I think its too close to yours, you would probaby both go by Kell
[name]Rowan[/name] I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Rowan[/name], its at the top of my list. [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] is VERY handsome, as are [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Casey[/name], [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Lachlan[/name]
[name]Jameson[/name] I would worry a little about this as a first because of the Whiskey, but if that doesn’t bother you I love the name.
[name]Lachlan[/name] I like this as a middle more than a first personally
[name]Cole[/name] (just not sure it flows with a one syllable last name) I agree, I like others of your better
[name]Cormac[/name]/k This is nice and unique. Also would make a great middle.
[name]Dagan[/name] Hmm… I like others much better
[name]Tanner[/name] nice but I think getting quite popular, also may not be as grown up as your other choices

Carrington Very nice with [name]McKee[/name]… fits the unisex vibe
[name]Kerrigan[/name] I like Carrington better personally
probably my two top choices

From your lists I also really like…
[name]Carys[/name]/[name]Kerris[/name] (spelling/ sound with [name]McKee[/name]?) may be too many K’s with [name]McKee[/name]?
[name]Calla[/name] (I added this one… does it work with [name]McKee[/name]? I know it is not unisex) I like Carrington better personally
[name]Camden[/name] Sounds a little more like a boy for me. Would you use this for a boy?
[name]Kolby[/name]/[name]Colby[/name] again, sounds a little too boyish for me, and I like unisex names.
[name]Holland[/name] Very pretty!

others I like but not as much as above
[name]Jameson[/name] for a girl, I like it better for a boy personally
[name]Baylor[/name] Like [name]Holland[/name] and Carrington better
[name]Blakely[/name]/[name]Blakeley[/name] VERY PRETTY! This would be great with [name]McKee[/name]!
[name]Kirby[/name] I am from MN so all I see is [name]Kirby[/name] Puckett…
[name]Ryan[/name] (just sounds plain with our last name) My cousin is a girl names [name]Rian[/name], and I think its a great girls name!
[name]Sailor[/name]/[name]Saylor[/name] (not sure it works with the other kids) I like others much better
[name]Rowan[/name] [name]Love[/name] [name]Rowan[/name] for a boy or girl! [name]Rowan[/name] [name]Blakely[/name] would be beautiful!
[name]Weston[/name] again seems more like a boy name to me
[name]Arden[/name]/[name]Auden[/name] [name]How[/name] about [name]Alden[/name]?
[name]Laken[/name] Like [name]Alden[/name] better
[name]Leighton[/name] I like this! [name]Leighton[/name] and [name]McKee[/name] has a nice ring!
[name]Maris[/name] like others better
Merrick/Marak This is a boy name to me, but [name]Merrill[/name] would be a nice girl

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Kelly[/name]! Looks like you have some great choices. Here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth :slight_smile: BTW, how far along are you (you probably said already but I can’t remember, sorry)
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] - I think this is so handsome! This is definently my favorites. And agree that since you had more say with [name]McKee[/name], it’s a nice idea to let your husband have a little more say this time.
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] - Also so nice, I love the name [name]Joseph[/name].
[name]Ryder[/name] Stevens - Ok but your others are even nicer
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Charles[/name] - I’m with you, not the best flow.
[name]Ryder[/name] Reisinger - Also doesn’t flow fantastically.
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name]/ [name]Jameson[/name] - I like [name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name] the best, pairing a more modern name with a huge classic like [name]James[/name] just sounds so nice to my ears.
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Wendell[/name] - I don’t like the R and the W togeather, hard for me to say :frowning:
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Casey[/name] - Like the others better
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Anthony[/name] - Nice

[name]Parker[/name] - Not one of my faves, personally
[name]Kellan[/name] - Yeah, a little close to your name. We’re in the same boat, my husband likes [name]Morgan[/name] but I just think it is way too close to [name]Megan[/name].
[name]Rowan[/name] - A lot of people on this site love it, but it’s just not one of those that wraps around my tongue easily.
[name]Jameson[/name] - I like this, have you also thought about [name]Jackson[/name]?
[name]Lachlan[/name] - Ohh, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard this one - uncommon but not too out there, nice!
[name]Cole[/name] - I like this, but if you don’t like it with your last name . . .
[name]Cormac[/name]/k - Eh
[name]Tanner[/name] - This is ok, others along this line are [name]Turner[/name] or [name]Tucker[/name].

Carrington or [name]Kerrigan[/name] - Of these, [name]Kerrigan[/name] is my fave because it seems a little more streamlined to me.

[name]Carys[/name]/[name]Kerris[/name] - This name is so pretty and the meaning (love) is great. Should probably stick with the [name]Carys[/name] spelling I think.
[name]Calla[/name] - [name]Calla[/name] is cute!
[name]Camden[/name] - Very pretty
[name]Kolby[/name]/[name]Colby[/name] - I have suggested this to other people & if you love it go for it but honestly it always reminds me of cheese.
[name]Holland[/name] - Oh I [name]LOVE[/name] this one
[name]Jameson[/name] - I really don’t like using this for a girl.
[name]Baylor[/name] - Cute, other names similar are [name]Blair[/name], [name]Blythe[/name] or [name]Taye[/name]
[name]Blakely[/name]/[name]Blakeley[/name] - Or just [name]Blake[/name]?
[name]Kirby[/name] - Cute
[name]Ryan[/name] - I think this one works for a girl, but the reason why is because of all the little Kylies etc running around. Think this might be/seem more popular then you would think. Does that make sense?
[name]Sailor[/name]/[name]Saylor[/name] - [name]Don[/name]'t see why this won’t go with the other kiddoes, but some other similar names: [name]Marina[/name] or [name]Rainy[/name]
[name]Weston[/name] - I love this for a boy
[name]Arden[/name]/[name]Auden[/name] - Very cute and literary sounding [name]Arden[/name] is such a great name for a little girl or a grown up
Merrick/Marak - Hmm, just heard this lately, very interesting

Other names that you might like - sorry for any repeats, and also your taste is all over the board (which is a good thing!) So hopefully some of these are intersting to you :slight_smile:

Oops, gotta go, will try to list some more later :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] again! Thought of [name]Hollis[/name] for a girl since it has kind of the same vibe as [name]Holland[/name]. Also, [name]Ellery[/name].
Boys: (some of these you might like for girls too since you dig the unisex names)

[name]Hope[/name] these help!

Thank you so much erinpurple and smitty! I loved reading your opinions. I agree with [name]Smitty[/name] in that I am all over the place with my names. Like I said in an earlier post, I have been into names for as long as I can remember (like many of you I read Beyond [name]Jennifer[/name] and [name]Jason[/name] when I was young and then moved on to [name]Pamela[/name] and [name]Linda[/name]'s other books as they came out). However, I am learning so much from this site. [name]Even[/name] after reading their books, I guess I never really realized that I do not have one particular style. I always just picked out names that I liked and for some reason they seemed to be all over the place. For example, I seemed to pick out the unisex names for the girls, but absolutely love a name like [name]Andrew[/name] for a boy.
I also like some classic names for girls, but probably cannot go in that direction now because of the other kids (however my husband did use [name]Andrew[/name] even after having a [name]Kennady[/name] and a [name]Madison[/name]).
I have really enjoyed reading the classic names that many of you like so much on this site. It makes me wish that I had taken the time to develop more of a style instead of just randomly picking out names that I liked. That being said, [name]McKee[/name] is a special family name that I really wanted to use. I combine that with the names of my husband’s children (minus the [name]Andrew[/name]) and I seem to have headed in a unisex direction! After reading [name]Pamela[/name] and [name]Linda[/name]'s books, I do think it is important for the siblings to sound good together… that is why I am asking for so much help. I read on one of the sibling posts that someone knows twins named [name]Edith[/name] and [name]Mackenzie[/name] sp?. Nothing wrong with either name, but in my humble opinion they do not fit together and that is what I am trying to avoid!

Anyway, thank you! I am so happy that you both think [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] sounds good together. I think that was probably my top choice of the ones I listed too. Unless, my husband changes his mind, my guess would be that we will go with that one should we have a boy. I will also keep [name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name] in mind. Like [name]Erin[/name], I love [name]Carson[/name]. [name]Just[/name] not sure my husband will go for it. [name]Smitty[/name], thanks for the [name]Jackson[/name] suggestion. I will probably run that by my husband along with a few more from the list you added.

I am still undecided on the [name]Camden[/name] girl/boy issue. I am getting different opinions on it and with a girl named [name]McKee[/name], I am not sure I want to subject a boy to it. I like it for either sex. Normally, I think it is fine for a boy. [name]Just[/name] not so sure with sisters named [name]McKee[/name], [name]Kennady[/name] and [name]Madison[/name]. [name]Will[/name] probably hold off on that one unless I just use it for a girl.

Of course, I still love Carrington, [name]Kerrigan[/name] and [name]Carys[/name] (thanks for the spelling suggestion) and I really appreciate the feedback on [name]Holland[/name]. I think I will add [name]Holland[/name], [name]Arden[/name] and [name]Alden[/name] into the mix and take out many of the others. I like [name]Leighton[/name], but it is one that I am hesitant on living in the south where names can get butchered in how they are pronounced. [name]Smitty[/name]'s suggestion of [name]Ellery[/name] sounds nice too, but I think I already saw some [name]Ellery[/name]'s on the name board in my OB GYN’s office when I was pregnant with [name]McKee[/name].

Thank you again and I look forward to reading and responding to both of your posts! This site is great!

i kept seeing [name]Camden[/name] on your list and couldnt help but wonder if anyone had mentioned [name]Cambrie[/name]? it seems more feminine, but very similar. i also love the suggestions of [name]Carys[/name], Carrington and [name]Arden[/name]. While they are all more modern for uses as first names they all sound as though they are rooted in history in some way. less flighty than some of the more recent hip names.

There are so many great long posts and amazing suggestions here that I hesitate to throw out my one tiny idea, but here it is, for boy or girl: [name]Wylie[/name].

[name]Hi[/name], [name]Kelly[/name]. I missed your post yesterday!

[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name]: This combo is too “d” heavy for me…
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]: I’m not feeling [name]Joseph[/name] with [name]Ryder[/name]…Hmm…
[name]Ryder[/name] Stevens: I really like this one, [name]Kelly[/name]. Stevens sounds great with [name]Ryder[/name]!
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Charles[/name]: Like you, I’m not liking [name]Charles[/name] with [name]Ryder[/name].
[name]Ryder[/name] Reisinger (probably hard to say?): Yep!
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]James[/name]/ [name]Jameson[/name]: [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Jameson[/name] is awesome!
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Wendell[/name]: I’m not feeling [name]Wendell[/name] with [name]Ryder[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Casey[/name]: This one isn’t working for me…
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Anthony[/name]: I like [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Anthony[/name].

From your list, I love [name]Ryder[/name] Stevens and [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Jameson[/name]. I think [name]Ryder[/name] sounds best with a surname or another similar name.

[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Ellison[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Finley[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Jensen[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Leland[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Landon[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Nolan[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Preston[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Sullivan[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Garrison[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Hudson[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Griffin[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Kellan[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Lachlan[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Langston[/name]
[name]Ryder[/name] [name]Cormac[/name]

[name]Parker[/name]: Sounds great with [name]McKee[/name]…

[name]Cooper[/name] (my husband will most likely rule out since he did the first time around): Would be great, too!

[name]Carson[/name] (same as above): Ditto!

[name]Kellan[/name] (love the name, but too close to mine/ [name]Kelly[/name]?.. do not want to name after me): Definitely too close to [name]Kelly[/name], but you could use it as a middle name.

[name]Rowan[/name]: Very cute with [name]McKee[/name]!

[name]Jameson[/name]: I’m really loving this one!

[name]Lachlan[/name]: I’d save it for a middle name…

[name]Cole[/name] (just not sure it flows with a one syllable last name): It really doen’t work with a short last name :frowning:

[name]Cormac[/name]/k: [name]Cormac[/name] (no K) is great, but I wouldn’t use it with [name]McKee[/name]. (Too much mac!)

[name]Dagan[/name]: Not a fan of [name]Dagan[/name]…

[name]Tanner[/name]: Not a fan of [name]Tanner[/name]…


Carrington and [name]Kerrigan[/name] work well with [name]McKee[/name] (I’m so glad you liked [name]Kerrigan[/name]!). Because the baby will have another “ington” cousin, I think I’d go with [name]Kerrigan[/name].

From your lists I also really like…
[name]Carys[/name]/[name]Kerris[/name] (spelling/ sound with [name]McKee[/name]?): I’d definitely keep [name]Carys[/name]'s authentic spelling.

[name]Calla[/name] (I added this one… does it work with [name]McKee[/name]? I know it is not unisex): While [name]Calla[/name] is gorgeous, I wouldn’t use it with [name]McKee[/name], as it will make [name]McKee[/name] look like the boy in a boy/girl sibling set, much like [name]Denise[/name] [name]Richards[/name]’ daughters, [name]Sam[/name] and [name]Lola[/name].

[name]Camden[/name]: Very cute with [name]McKee[/name]

[name]Kolby[/name]/[name]Colby[/name]: [name]Colby[/name] with a C is darling, while [name]Kolby[/name] with a K looks like an invented name…

[name]Holland[/name]: I really like [name]Holland[/name], and think it goes nickely with McKe

others I like but not as much as above
[name]Jameson[/name] for a girl
[name]Ryan[/name] (just sounds plain with our last name)
[name]Sailor[/name]/[name]Saylor[/name] (not sure it works with the other kids)
[name]Maris[/name]: A girl’s name, so I’d stay away from this. (I don’t want [name]McKee[/name] to be mistaken for a boy!)

Of your boy names, I like [name]Ryder[/name] Stevens and [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Jameson[/name], and of your girls names, I prefer [name]Kerrigan[/name] over Carrington, although both work with [name]McKee[/name]. With a little girl named [name]McKee[/name], you really do need to stick with surnames/masculine names to make sure that people don’t mistake your little girl for a boy. You have so many fantastic choices, [name]Kelly[/name]!

If you’re not using [name]Ryder[/name], just let us know, okay? I can’t remember the names I and others have listed, but I want to review them to avoid repeats. [name]Don[/name]'t worry! You’ll have the perfect name, and we won’t settle for anything less! :slight_smile:

[name]Don[/name]'t ever hesitate to post, [name]Pam[/name]! It’s your board, and we’re able to post what we do because of your and [name]Linda[/name]'s expertise! :slight_smile: [name]Wylie[/name] is very cute, by the way!

What about [name]Kendall[/name], [name]Kelsey[/name] or [name]Kenley[/name]?

Wow! Thank you so much everyone! I am so grateful for all the wonderful suggestions. I truly appreciate all of you taking the time to respond. I have so many great name ideas from all of you that I just wish we were planning on having more than one or two more kids so I could use more of these wonderful names (don’t worry I won’t !!! :slight_smile: … I just love the idea of being able to name more of them). Anyway, thank you!

First of all, [name]Pam[/name], thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion of [name]Wylie[/name]! What a great name! I hold your opinion in very high regard as both you and [name]Linda[/name] are amazing in this area (like I said before… I love your books and have all, but one I think… thank you for giving all of us such great name resources). The only thing (other than my husband) that would hold me back from [name]Wylie[/name], is that one of my very best friends just named her son, [name]Wylie[/name] a year ago. My kids will see [name]Wylie[/name] almost as much as they will see their cousins. However, I am still going to keep it on the list as it is a great suggestion. Thank you!

[name]Jill[/name], once again I really value your help. You are really good at this by the way!
[name]Ryder[/name] Stevens and [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Jameson[/name] will definitely remain on the list. I do like [name]Ryder[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] (and it gets a plus because [name]Douglas[/name] is a name on my husband’s side), but I can also see what you are saying about being a bit 'd" heavy. I will keep that in mind.
Oh, and I do really like [name]Kerrigan[/name], so a big thanks for that as it was not one I had in mind until you mentioned it.

[name]Butterfly[/name], I love the suggestions of [name]Kendall[/name], [name]Kelsey[/name], [name]Kenley[/name]! [name]Kelsey[/name] was on my list when we were trying to come up with girl names for our first, but unfortunately it got ruled out by my husband. That is probably not a bad thing, though, because it is really close to my name.
As for [name]Kendall[/name] and [name]Kenley[/name], they start out the exact same as our last name and while it sounds fine with my husband’s first child, [name]Kennady[/name], I am reluctant to go in that direction again. I really like the name [name]Kenley[/name], so I am sad to have to leave it off the list.
Thank you again for the suggestions as they would definitely have been on my list under different circumstances.

Thank you!!! I will keep you posted. Also, all the best to the rest of you in your naming. I just hope I can offer as good suggestions to your different posts.