Would you allow a passenger in your car to …?

then suggest the next thing

i will start
choose what music you listen to

Sure, they can choose whatever.

Eat food loudly?

No, that’s illegal. :face_vomiting:

Put their feet on the dashboard?

Well, that could get dangerous

Crank up the heat or AC?

Depends on if they ask me! I’m fussy

Poke their head out the window?

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Sure I don’t really care.

Not wear a seat belt?

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um no i could get in a lot of trouble for that, as could they, and it’s just dangerous in general.

eat something messy? (ice cream, wings, etc)

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Probably not although I might let it slide if there were napkins.

[name_m]Sing[/name_m] along to the music playing in the car?


Clip their toenails in the passenger seat ?

If they don’t clean up after themselves, no.

Spit out the window?

I wouldn’t like it, but I also would say anything


Nope :-1:

Chew gum?

Yes, as long as I can’t hear it

talk on the phone with their SO?

Of course

Bring a dog?


Bring a baby?

yes, I’d love that!

eat fast food?

I guess I wouldn’t mind.

Turn off your radio/music?

only if they’re turning it off to talk to me, i hate driving in silence

get in your car while intoxicated?

No way, unless I knew them well and they had an excellent reason

Watch TV on their phone with earbuds in?

Depends if I know them and why they are a passenger. Not that I can’t allow them to do that I just think in most situations it’s rude.