Would you date someone who ...?

then suggest the next thing

i will start

who smokes?


No. Smoking hurt so many of my family members. On the whole, too, I just don’t care for it.

Would you date someone who is estranged from his family?

Maybe. Depends on the situation.

Would you date someone with bad manners?

Depends how bad.

Had a prison record?

Absolutely not!

Who hates your family?


Disapproved of your name choices?

I want to say no, but I know that’s not reasonable or realistic :joy:

Who has a child/children?

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At my age, no. If i’m older, yes.

Who doesn’t want kids?

No! Absolutely not!

Is famous?


Who’s family you hate?

Depends on how often I see them

Who is vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, because my family basically is both, so I already cook that way (most of the time, not recently bc we’ve been moving lol)

Who doesn’t have good social skills?

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Idk. Probably not.

Who hates something you love?

Anna said it well.

Made a bad first impression?


Yes, but it depends on whether kindness is one of their strongest attributes.

Someone who wants to move far away to a place where [name_f]English[/name_f] isn’t the first language?

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Who wants to always be the boss?


Who’s divorced?

Yes (hesitantly).

Who swears constantly?

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Who has an obsession with working out?


Who reads tarot cards?