Would you date someone who ...?


Someone who has a horrible family?


Someone who used to be your teacher?

No, probably not.

Who bullied you in middle school?

Depends on the scenario. If completely changed around then yes.

Someone who works night shifts

sure, we could make that work i think :slightly_smiling_face:
Someone who has dated your friend in the past?

/: i- i’m not sure. i don’t want my friend to be hurt by it, but other than that yeah, why not.

someone who eats their steak ?

ermm i’m kinda confuzzled by that one :confused: wdym exactly?

someone you like but don’t love?

No. It would be unfair to him.

Someone who hates your pet?

probably not, it’s fine if they don’t like it but hating is too much

someone who’s a really picky eater?


Someone who doesn’t like any of your favorite names?

Sure, but I’d get my way.

Someone who under-tips?

Yes, so we can do it together and feel stupid afterwards (tipping is not a “mandatory” thing in my culture, actually it really happens only when the servers do an outstanding job or when it’s a bigger gathering)

Someone who takes part in historical reconstruction groups?


Someone who is prepping for doomsday?

maybe, depends how “into it” they are.

someone who is easily disappointed gets physically destructive whenever they don’t get their way?

No way!

Someone who your pets dislike?


I’m not sure. [name_f]My[/name_f] dog is very very unlikely to really dislike someone, so I can’t really envision it.

Someonw who was allergic to your pet?


Someone who refuses to be within 6 feet of you? (not because of covid/germs)

no way! that would be so hurtful and saddening
someone who only eats raw?


Eats raw what? WDYM? Food? (If that’s the case, then like, sushi & salad, sure, but something like chicken, so way.)

Has a criminal record of domestic violence?


Someone who is always travelling internationally as part of their job?

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