Would you date someone who ...?

No, it’d probably be hard to get along!

Who wants to live a nomadic (i.e. travelling on the road) lifestyle?

Sure! Life is short, and I’ve fantasised about that lifestyle from time to time. I’d certainly give it a go.

Someone who you loved, but your parents didn’t like?

Maybe. That’s a hard one to answer unless it’s happened, I think.

Someone who is also your siblings ex?

No way

Someone who’s much younger than you?

Depends on how much younger ??

Someone who loves you very much but hates your best friend with every fiber of their being?

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No, because my best friends are my best friends, and if they don’t like my friends, then why would they like me?

Speaks a different language than your first language?

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Sure! As long as I have some understanding of the language

Someone who didn’t go to school?

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Sure, that wouldn’t immediately put me off (though it would depend why they didn’t go to school)

Someone who hates the name [name_u]Kit[/name_u]?

I mean, I guess :sob: I’d be heartbroken though!!

Someone who randomly dances while doing things throughout the day?

HAH yes bc i do that too

Someone who doesn’t like your career choice?


That’s a bit tricky, especially since at the moment (after years working on it) I start to doubt my own career choice myself lol. Ultimately, I think I can be with someone who isn’t a big fan of my career choice as long as he is still supportive and understand that I get the final say. However, if he constantly criticizes, I don’t think it could work.

Someone who wants to be a stay-at-home mom/dad?

No. (nothing against people who are)

Someone who hates makeup?


Someone who doesn’t like travelling?

No, I love travelling. I could never not do it!

Someone who has a low tolerance for patience?

So many things in life require patience, and therefore compassion, so no, I wouldn’t date someone who was especially averse to patience.

Someone who is attractive but displays creepy behaviors?

Definitely not!

Someone who doesn’t watch TV shows much, if at all?


Someone who is a loud chewer/eater?


Someone who has a history of cheating on their spouses?


Someone who can’t speak your language at all?

No for my primary language, yes for my second.

Someone in a significantly different timezone?